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10 of TXT’S most replayed parts from their music videos

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K-pop group TXT aka Tomorrow X Together debuted in 2019 with then-Big Hit Entertainment and now BIGHIT MUSIC. The pressure to succeed at being BTS’ juniors was huge, but the boys fared well across every medium. They have managed to chart their own individual trajectory.

TXT came out with their own thrilling storyline that focused on the members struggling to accept themselves and their insecurities on the treacherous path to success. They did so by relying on each other and their fans. The mystical storyline is also better explained in their webtoon, THE STAR SEEKERS.

The Good Boy Gone Bad group’s music videos have covered a variety of concepts and have managed to keep us hooked with their splendid vocals, choreography and intense cinematography. Some parts of their music videos have been replayed over and over by their fans because what the members serve looks nothing short of iconic.

TXT most replayed sections of their music videos


TXT‘s debut music video was a long awaited one. Their introductory videos managed to generate quite a buzz in 2019. So when the music video for Crown was released, it instantly caught people’s attention. Since its drop in March 2019, the music video has garnered over 153M views at the time of writing.

The playful mood of the members generated the best first impression as fans gawked at how adorable the members looked. The most replayed part of the video was at 1:14 seconds where the members performed the sharp and energetic routine of the chorus for the first time ever.

2. Nap of a Star

This creative music video utilises a classic, haunting animation style similar to the likes of George Méliés (the French film director famously called the Father of VFX). It explores the heartfelt bond that the five boys share with each other through a mellow pop ballad.

Although the entire video is nothing short of a masterpiece, the most replayed segment is the solo scene focusing on Taehyun, against an orange background. In the video, he sits on a bright pink birch and is intently looking through his binoculars, and is revealed to have one black eye.

3. Run Away (9 And Three Quarters)

The K-pop boys returned with the music video for Run Away (9 And Three Quarters) in October 2019. They pressed everyone’s nostalgic nerves with this one as they based the song on the Harry Potter series with its iconic jingle music playing in the middle of the song. The video garnered over 106M views.

The most replayed segment was the chorus as the boys danced their catchy shoulder twist step, looking like a group of chic school boys ready to steal hearts.

4. Can’t You See Me

The music video for Can’t You See Me came out in the summer of 2020, and hasn’t stopped raising temperatures yet. The boys croon about the heartache they experience as they feel isolated from their friends and anxiously wait for the one who would save them from this misery.

The most replayed part of the video occurs at 1:09 seconds when the leader, Choi Soobin, sets hearts ablaze with his intense over-the-shoulder gaze. The scene continues to remain one of the top scenes that fans gush about, even today.

5. Puma

The group surprised everyone in June 2020 with their sultry and dark single Puma. Fans were not complaining as the boys stepped out of their school-boy image for the first time. The video has garnered over 34M views and continues to be TXT’s most underrated music video till date.

The most replayed moment was at 2:14 with Beomgyu and Soobin, sharing an intense look and progress to Yeonjun’s rap. He, meanwhile, stuns fans in his gorgeous new blonde hair and hip hop looks.

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