7 Portraits of Nadi Djiwa Anggara, Nadine Chandrawinata & Dimas Anggara’s Children Who Was Born on a Beautiful Date

: Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara’s family is now more easiest. The explanation why is, the couple has been blessed with the eldest kid who was born on a stunning date, takni 22/2/2022. Happy news got here from husband and spouse Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara. The explanation why is, they are now formally parents as a result of Nadine gave birth to their child on Tuesday (22/2/2022) the day prior to this.. Follow Celebrilla for more Indo News.

Nadine and Dimas’ eldest kid is known to be a girl. The satisfied couple made up our minds to give their daughter’s complete title Nadi Djiwa Anggara. Babies who are born wholesome and easiest can be referred to as by means of the title of Djiwa.

Nadine and DImas agreed to submit their stunning daughter’s face thru their respective Instagram accounts. Through Nadine’s Instagram tale, Putri 2005 was observed appearing the ornament of the health center room the place she was staying which learn “Its Girl” with a dominant crimson balloon.

The couple was flooded with congratulations from fellow celebrities and their shut kinfolk. Curious about child Djiwa’s stunning face? Come on, take a peek at a series of portraits below.

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