7 Portraits of NCT’s Haechan, Ready to Donate His Golden Voice on New Web Drama OST

: Haechan NCT ready to donate his golden voice to the soundtrack of the new web drama. This young Idol will sing remake titled ‘Good Person’. –
Haechan NCT will greet fans with a golden voice in the soundtrack of the new web drama Playlist “PLY FRIENDS: Seo Yeon University Class of 22” which is scheduled to air on March 4 next. Web drama is the latest series from the first title “PLY FRIENDS” which were previously set in the “Playlist Universe”.
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On Wednesday (23/2) yesterday, Haechan rumored to be singing a song remake belonging Toy’s “Good Person”. The song was released in 2001 by the duo band that debuted in 1994.

“Good Person” is the result of Yoo Hee Yeol hand track that is a member and vocalist in the band Toy. The song is believed to correspond to the storyline of the web drama “PLY FRIENDS: Seo Yeon University Class of 22” which centers on the love story of the characters in the university first.

Haechan was successfully captivate fans through sound so sweetly. Haechan soundtrack will be released on 6 March on YouTube. Spotlight, let’s find a series of portraits Haechan.

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