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A Texarkana Man Shaun Paxton Arrested For Killing His Father & Injuring His Mother?

In this article, we will read about “A Texarkana Man Shaun Paxton Arrested For Killing His Father & Injuring His Mother?

Shaun Paxton, from Texarkana, was arrested because he killed his father and hurt his mother. People in the town all want to know who did it.

Texarkana: Shaun Paxton Arrested- Who Is He?

Shaun, who is 42 years old, was found to have killed his father. CBS 19 says that his neighbor called the police at about 1:30 a.m. Police in Texarkana, Texas, said that people called them early in the morning to the 2600 blocks of Skyline Dr.

Police found a dead man and his wife who had been stabbed several times. They took her to a nearby hospital to get more help.

Shaun Paxton Father Michael Paxton Dead- Mother Health Condition?

Their son Shaun was arrested at the scene of the murder and aggravated assault.

Shaun Paxton, who lived in Texarkana, was arrested because he stabbed his mother and killed his father.

KSLA says that he was charged with murder and aggravated assault after his parents were brutally attacked. The team looking into this is trying to figure out why this was done.

The authorities sent Mr. Paxton, the son of Michael Paxton, who had died, to the Bi-State Detention Center. The family lives in the Texas city of Texarkana.

Shaun, a 42-year-old son, killed his parents in a brutal way out of pride and power. The bad guy has forgotten how much his parents loved him and what they did for him.

Even his own parents are still shocked by what he did. Parents are like God, so no one has the right to hurt them.

What could have caused the thing to happen? Does he take drugs all the time? Well, there is no information about what happened.

Michael Paxton was killed by Shaun Paxton, who also hurt his mother.

Many sources say that the guilty son stabbed his father several times with a knife, killing Michael. He has also hurt his mother in several ways.

The event happened early in the morning, at 1:30 a.m. The police were called to the 2600 blocks of Skyline Dr. by Paxton’s neighbor. An old man was found dead at the scene.

Micheal’s body was sent to the local Texarkana hospital for postpartum, and his mother was sent there for more medical care. Also, we don’t know much about what happened yet.

Every news article has a headline that says it’s a shame. How can a parent trust their child if something like this happens again?

So, if Shaun is found guilty, he needs to be punished. We don’t know how or when the investigation process will move forward.

Teams of people are looking into the case hard to find the right justice.

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