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Afia Schwarzenegger Controversial Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Who Is She?

In this article, we will read about “Afia Schwarzenegger Controversial Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Who Is She?

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Afia Schwarzenegger: Who Is She?

In one situation, there will hardly be a single thing that would end quietly, while in another case, many disagreements will arise every day. Another contentious video has appeared on the internet, capturing the public’s attention. According to the latest reports, Afia Schwarzenegger, a socialite and Ghanaian actress, has erased her controversial video that caused a lot of discussion on the internet. The Ghanaian actress removed a video from her Instagram account that documented her visit to the famous Nogokpo Shrine. Continue reading to learn more about the video that was deleted and the reason for its removal. The actress removed the video after receiving a harsh warning from Shrine administrators, who claimed it was against their rules and pointers for friends to create online shrine publications during or after a visit to the shrine. It is definitely forbidden for the buddies to share any photos or videos on the internet. For the most up-to-date information, visit

After hearing about the incident and the shrine’s warning, the actress opted to take the video down. Despite the fact that the video has already gone viral on the internet and is being shared on a variety of social media sites. Since the erased video appeared on the internet, it has become a very improbable topic of discussion. Several people have been talking about it, and they want to learn more about it. According to numerous studies, the actress visited the beloved shrine Nogokpo Shrine in an attempt to show media critics that she was looking her best in opposition to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The Ghanaian actress shared a photo and a video of herself in front of a sign that reads “Nogookpo,” as well as a note on the photo that reads “I mean Business.” However, detractors began to ridicule her once the photograph was uploaded online.

Controversial Afia Schwarzenegger Video

Mona Gucci, a television host, was one of the many critics who chastised the actress for her photos,’ claiming that she was told by a Shrine official that the actress had not visited the shrine. The TV host further said that Afia published a video in which she can be seen walking barefoot on the shrine grounds. Later, in an interview with a media source about the shrine’s social media posting, the chief of Nogokpo stated that it was strictly forbidden for anyone who visited the temple to publish photographs of the shrine or any activities that may have transpired throughout the Shrine on social media.

“At Nogokpo Shrine, we help a number of people. We do not tolerate the actress’s online foolishness and nonsense because she came to the community to exchange movies and images on the internet. It is in no way appropriate.” Togbui Amuzu directed the media to cover the entire situation and report on it. Amuzu also stated that the actress’s most recent statements are a cause of concern, and that they have a negative impact on them, and that they will take action against her. We’ll reconnect with you once more.

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