After her parents died at a drug party, a newborn infant was left orphaned.

Her parents died at a Colorado apartment drug party when she was just four months old. Five individuals were killed during a party, including the parents of a four-month-old baby girl. Watch this space for more news on Celebrilla!

The remains of Sam Marquez, 24, Karina Rodriguez, 28, and two other women and a male were found near Aria Marquez.

On the night before, they’d brought her to a party in Colorado, where they were caught the next day. Fentanyl-laced cocaine is suspected of being the cause of their death.

As the sole survivor, Sam’s sister Cora is healing in the hospital, but she has no recollection of what transpired.

While holding Aria in Cora’s arms outside the apartment on Sunday, Ian Scott described her as being “as high as a kite,” according to Scott.

Aria, according to a police officer, appears to be in good condition and is responding well to treatment.

Josiah, Karina’s elder son from a previous relationship, may be seen in several family photos.

Humberto Arroyo was at the apartment with Sam and Karina, as were two unidentified ladies who were evidently acquaintances of Karina. Lines of a narcotic were distributed around the apartment, according to the investigators.

“It appears they swallowed fentanyl,” said Brian Mason, a DA in the District of Columbia, in an interview with CNN. It is unusual for a person to swallow fentanyl in a single dose in this manner. So, I believe they mistook it for cocaine.’

Sam’s stepdaughter arrived to the residence to discover five adults dead and the baby unresponsive, according to Cora’s alleged account to Scott.

When she entered the room, she must have heard Salina, since Sam’s father, Dan Marquez, told ABC 7, ‘the baby wasn’t wailing at all.’
‘So, I believe there was an angel or some other kind of helper present,’ he continues.

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