Ahn Ji Ho admits he got scolded by real world friends because of this ‘All of Us Are Dead’ scene

Popularity of All Of Us Are Dead: Ahn Ji Ho revealed that he got scolded by his friends in the real world for doing this scene in the Netflix original series ‘All of Us Are Dead’. The
popularity of the original Netflix series “All of Us Are Dead” has indeed made the cast become the talk of the town. In fact, the supporting characters also managed to get the spotlight.
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One of the characters that gets the spotlight is Kim Cheol Soo, played by Ahn Ji Ho. Unfortunately, Kim Cheol Soo’s character makes fans very upset.

[SPOILER] Kim Cheol Soo is said to be a student who became a victim of bullying at Hyosan High School. He is trapped on the school roof when a zombie outbreak occurs along with Min Eun Ji (Oh ​​Hye Soo).

Kim Cheol Soo becomes a character who is very cowardly and even reluctant to help Min Eun Ji even though the girl he likes. Kim Cheol Soo also doesn’t open the rooftop door for his other friends while trying to avoid the zombies.

In a joint interview with Cine21, Ahn Ji Ho admitted that he made his friends scold him because of his character. He admitted that he also received many complaints from fans from abroad.

“So far they (friends) have almost never watched my project at all, but this time they watched it until the end. They gave me praise as well as insults and raved about why Cheol Soo didn’t open the roof door in episode 7,” said Ahn Ji Ho.

“I also received a lot of DMs complaining from overseas viewers why I locked the door. I can’t reply to one by one and can only be grateful because that many responses means more people are watching,” he continued.

Ahn Ji Ho himself admitted that he was also annoyed with his own character in “All of Us Are Dead”. Even so, he felt that Kim Cheol Soo’s character would be a good experience for him.

“When I first received the script, I also thought that Cheol Soo’s character had high blood pressure. Because of that aspect he became a strong character and it was a good experience for me,” Ahn Ji Ho admitted.

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