Amir Khan Robbery: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London

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Amir Khan Robbery: Boxer Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen At Gunpoint In London: Nowadays, crimes came about at any length of time. It doesn’t subject whether or not you are wealthy or deficient. Rich folks additionally confronted the crimes. Yes, you heard it as it should be. Recently, news has been observed {that a} former boxing champion, Amir Khan was crossing the highway with his spouse. Suddenly, two robbers got here to him, pointed weapons at him, and challenging for his watch. Luckily, no one is harmed all over this incident. He and his spouse had been secure. In this article, we gonna speak about how he was robbed and what did he do at that second. Follow More Update On

Amir Khan Robbery

Amir Khan was a well-known international champion in boxing when he was 22. He received the silver medal in Olympics at the age of 17. He was too younger and nonetheless have so much of time to do the rest in his career. He was critical about his career when he was a kid. He is surrounded by way of simplest high quality individuals who inform the precious lesson in his life. He doesn’t hang out with adverse folks or those that didn’t have any objectives in their life.

Amir Khan Robbed Watch Stolen

Amir and his spouse had been crossing the highway. Her spouse was two steps in the back of him. Her spouse was taking a look at her telephone and see some messages. Suddenly, two random guys reached out to the Amir pointed weapons at him, and demanded to get the watch. Amir was very afraid at the moment and he give his watch to the robbers. They did not loot the cash from him, nor the pricey smartphones or anything. They simply want simplest one factor and this is his watch. Maybe his watch was worth more or possibly his watch was as pricey as his telephone. Who is aware of what the actual explanation why is. The actual reality of this theft did not pop out.

Amir Khan Robbed Watch Worth?

His spouse was two steps in the back of him. She known as the police officers and record each incident to the officials. Now, the officers have began the investigation and they are discovering the robbers. It was not known what the goal of the robbers was. Did they arrive for his watch or do they would like to give him a message? Who is aware of. What’s the reality. It will be simplest known when police officers stuck the robbers and interrogate them. As of now, we’ve restricted information, but when one thing will got here out, then we for sure let you know.

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