‘Amsterdam’: HBO romantic comedy series gets subtitled trailer; Check out!

HBO has released the subtitled trailer for the Mexican romantic comedy series ‘Amsterdam’. Follow Celebrilla for more updates.

The production will premiere in Brazil on March 20.

In the plot, Nadia and Martín are trying to succeed in the artistic scene of the Condesa neighborhood, a cosmopolitan neighborhood of Mexico City, where tradition meets modernity, bohemian and popular. The way the protagonists’ lives unfold on the iconic Amsterdam street becomes a metaphor for the meaning of their own existence.

With a fresh tone, the series illustrates a portrait of the challenging issues facing this generation: personal aspirations over love; casual relationships and how the affection for pets is so strong that they become part of the family – in addition to social media as another interlocutor.

The ten 30-minute episodes of ‘Amsterdam’ take the viewer through different experiences and emotions, along with a great soundtrack that becomes a fundamental narrative thread of the story.

The series stars Mexican actress Naian González Norvind and Sebastián Buitrón.

Gustavo Taretto signs the direction and the scripts.

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