Artists Who Do Jennie BLACKPINK Like a Princess Even though they’re Senior

: The latest episode of ‘The Game Caterers 2’ presents a row of YG Entertainment artists. The way they welcomed BLACKPINK’s Jennie successfully made PD Na Young Suk surprised.
Jennie BLACKPINK (Black Pink) shows her status like a “Princess” at YG Entertainment. This can be seen when he appeared on the show “The Game Caterers 2” hosted by PD Na Young Suk.
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In the episode that was presented on February 25, 2022, a row of YG Entertainment artists appeared as guest stars. Apart from Jennie, those who came were Eun Ji Won of Sechs Kies, Lee Chan Hyuk of Akdong Musician, Kim Jin Woo, Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho of WINNER (II), Kim Jinhwan and Song Yunhyeong of iKON, as well as Hyunseok and Jihoon of TREASURE.

AKMU’s Chan Hyuk, who came first, said that he joined YG Entertainment in 2013. “I’m still awkward with my colleagues, because I don’t have many reasons to meet them,” he said.

PD Na Young Suk put the guests in the order of their debut, starting with AKMU followed by WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE. WINNER’s Song Min Ho and Kim Jin Woo, who debuted four months later than AKMU, sat to the right of Chan Hyuk.

Then when Jennie came in, everyone stood up and clapped. Jennie waved her hand, saying “Why are you all like this? Guys, please don’t be like this.”

Seeing how YG artists greeted Jennie, a surprised PD Na asked, “Why are you all standing? What status does he actually have at YG?” Jennie also took the center position even though her debut was later than iKON.

Eun Ji Won, the last person to appear, confessed, “This is my first time seeing Jennie.” iKON’s Yunhyeong also asked for a handshake, saying it was his first time seeing Jennie. He confirmed that Jennie was like a celebrity.

Kim Jin Woo, who has been a trainee since 2010, said, “I see him often.” Jennie, who entered as a trainee in the same year as her, also talked about their friendship, “Oppa is the person I’ve known the longest.”

Regarding Song Min Ho who was close to her, Jennie said, “He joined a bit late. I only remember Jin Woo Oppa. I don’t see him (Song Min Ho) often,” which brought laughter.

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