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Ashley Reeves Paralyzed Inspiring Story Gets Airtime on Lifetime

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People have been looking for Ashley Reeves’ injury photographs online since the premiere of Left for Dead on Lifetime on June 12, 2022. Many people have been inspired by her story of bravery and survival.

Ashley Reeves vanished without a trace in 2006. She did not return home, and many calls from family members went unanswered, prompting the authorities to become involved. Her phone’s call history led authorities to a man called Sam Shelton, who attempted to murder her.

Ashley Reeves injury photos

On April 27, 2006, Ashley Reeves vanished. The 17-year-old was scheduled to be home by 10 p.m., but she never showed up. After she didn’t receive any calls or texts, her parents grew so frightened that they called the cops.
Her boyfriend was the first to be interrogated, but he had no idea where she was. Police then received information that Sam Shelton was the last person to see her. They summoned him to the police station for questioning.
During the interview, he changed his story multiple times, causing the authorities to suspect he knew something about Ashley’s kidnapping. Shelton finally admitted what he did to her after a 12-hour interrogation.
They were arguing because Ashley wanted to end their relationship. Shelton, outraged, put her in a chokehold and dragged her out of the car during the altercation.
She tried to break free from his grip and struggled for a time before passing asleep. When he realised he had snapped her neck and dragged her into the woods, he became terrified.

He then strangled her with his hands. Although he removed his hands from her, she continued to breathe. He then looped his belt around her neck and pulled as hard as he could while bracing himself with his leg.
After it snapped, he choked her for the third and final time, assuming she was dead. However, the injuries rendered her paralysed and she passed out. After that, he abandoned her in the woods.
He showed the cops the location where he had abandoned her after telling the investigators what he had done to her. Due to the weather, they took a long time to find her, and Shelton said he had forgotten the specific spot.
They found her after some time and thought she had died, but she had moved. She was rushed to the hospital and placed in an induced coma. Photos of her recuperation from her injuries can still be found on the internet.
She was able to get back on her feet a few months later, and even finish high school a year later, thanks to her courage and resilience.

Ashley Reeves still unable to move

Ashley Reeves was strangled three times before the perpetrator assumed she had died and left her. She was, however, disabled as a result of her neck injury.
After authorities discovered her in the woods, she was brought to the hospital right away. She was put into an induced coma and lost some of her memory as a result of the tragedy.
The only thing she remembered was the quarrel they had that day. Her recuperation was tough because she had lost many things, including fundamental functions like as eating and moving.
She had to relearn how to speak, eat, and use her limbs as a result. Her parents had been told by the physicians that there was a chance she might not survive, or that she would require a long time to recover.

Ashley Reeves’ current location

Ashley Reeves is the mother of two children and is 32 years old. She works as a caregiver while living with her family in Illinois.
Shelton is still serving his sentence at the Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Illinois, and will be available for parole on April 22, 2024, according to Illinois inmate statistics. According to, he will be 44 years old by then.

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