Atta Halilintar Shows Three Photos, Baby A’s ‘Peeking’ Face Becomes the Spotlight

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Sharing photos of the 3 of them with Aurel Hermansyah and their child on the final day at the clinic, Atta Halilintar it seems that leaked somewhat section of child A’s face.
The couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah are now satisfied. This is as a result of the two lovebirds have simply been blessed with their first child, which is a girl on Tuesday (22/2).
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However, till now, each Atta Halilintar and Aurel have not revealed the faces of their youngsters. Even the two have not introduced the title of the child.

Even so, Atta and Aurel revealed that their kid has a reputation beginning with the letter A. Therefore, for now, Atta and Aurel’s child is known as child A.

Atta himself it seems that began leaking child A’s face. The explanation why is that in the latest put up when taking photos with Aurel and the child, Atta gave somewhat leak of child A’s face. Seen in the photo, child A’s eyes are moderately visual.

“Last day at the clinic. The first family photo… Baby A’s eyes leaked somewhat bit,” Atta wrote in his put up on Thursday (25/2).

Atta’s put up was it seems that greeted enthusiastically via the netters. The explanation why is that Atta started to leak child A’s face somewhat to the public.

Netters have been additionally busy commenting on child A’s face which had already begun to seem. Apparently even supposing it’s not transparent but, netizens are busy praising child A’s face, which is regarded as gorgeous and lovable. Netters are getting impatient to see child A’s face in element.

“Mashaallah child A,” wrote the account @sh*****na. “Masha Allah, it’s gorgeous,” commented the netter account @ma*****24.

“OMGGGG CANT WAIT TO SEE BABY A, GEMEY IHH CUTE,” exclaimed the Instagram account @ca*****ed. “Mashaallah Princess A. Really adorable, I’m getting more and more curious… can’t wait on the twenty sixth,” responded the account @advert*****ah.

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