Baby uniter: Sabina Hidalgo, from Now United, announces pregnancy of 1st child

The singer published a video telling the news alongside the other members of the group and answered if she will be on this year’s tour: And isn’t the theories right? After noticing that Sabina wasn’t doing some of the Now United choreographies, fans began to suspect that she might be pregnant. This Thursday (24/2), the Mexican surprised ~almost~ everyone by announcing on her Instagram the pregnancy of her first child, with her boyfriend Pepe. Follow Celebrilla for more updates.

“Little piece of ours”, wrote the new daddies.
In the comments, Sabina’s fans and colleagues from the international group left several messages, very excited about the news: “FIRST BABY UNITER”, said Any Gabrielly.

On the NU social networks, the news was shared with a very special video. Alongside all the members, Sabina tells about the baby and even shows her pregnant belly, thanking all the love and support from friends and the public alike.

That the uniters are happy with the pregnancy is a fact, but there was something that was still confusing for them and the singer made sure to answer during the announcement.
“I know what you guys are thinking… Yes, I’m going on tour.
I will be in fewer songs than usual, but it will still be amazing and we look forward to seeing you.”

So, we will have Sabina Hidalgo in Brazil and pregnant!

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