Barbie Kumalasari talks about the possibility of reconciliation with Galih Ginanjar, admits she still loves him

: Barbie Kumalasari overtly admits that she still loves Galih Ginanjar and does not refuse if the relationship between the two is reconciled. This is what Barbie stated when requested if Galih additionally meant to reconcile with her.
The title Barbie Kumalasari is again in the highlight. This is as a result of Barbie is open about the possibility of a reconciliation with her ex-husband, Galih Ginanjar.
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Unexpectedly, Barbie admitted that she was still keen to reconcile with Galih Ginanjar. Barbie even overtly admits that she still loves Galih.

According to Barbie, it’s higher to be in a relationship with an ex-spouse than to discover a new individual she doesn’t know. The explanation why is, Barbie is anxious that it’s going to be more tricky and difficult when dealing with anyone new.

“Well, if you wish to have the title, it’s still a disgrace, it’s k, as an alternative of getting a brand new one, it’s getting more crowded,” admitted Barbie when she was a visitor superstar on the Trans TV program “Pagi Pagi Ambyar”.

Interestingly, Barbie stated that Galih additionally still has the similar emotions and hopes as him. Even so, Barbie stated that Galih was still in a relationship with anyone. So, he did not dare to communicate too lengthy similar to his relationship with his ex-husband.

“Yes, of path I still need to (Galih refer) nevertheless it relies on me, I will’t talk as a result of he’s still in a relationship, proper,” stated Barbie.

Barbie additionally stated that her conversation with Galih is still easy. He revealed that Galih steadily requested about the news and his present scenario even if the two had formally divorced.

“Yes, there should be, sure, I can surely ask you, how does he know that I’m at house by myself,” he defined

Barbie additionally stated that Galih had requested her not to be shut to different males if the two actually reconciled one day. This was revealed through Barbie when the host of “Pagi Pagi Ambyar” requested if Galih had ever mentioned the possibility of a reconciliation.

“Yes, the level is that although we come again one day, I don’t need you to produce other boys,” concluded Barbie.

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