BBB22: Disrespected by Lucas, Linn is proof that transvestites have no peace

Singer was enjoying the engineer and medical student’s party when she was embarrassed by him. And there are still those who pass cloth…: Regrettable, to say the least! In another episode of transphobia at BBB22, this time at the Festa do Líder Lucas, Linn da Quebrada (she/her) was talking to Natália when he interrupted them and asked “the two” to go back to the dance floor. Follow Celebrilla for more updates.

At the time, the singer showed discomfort with the mistake of the engineer and medical student, who did not realize what he did at first.
Then, she told Jessilane what happened and the Biology teacher tried to convince her that it was not intentional to “defuse the situation”.
“So you’re only smoothing things over for him, not me.
[…] I know it wasn’t intentional, but if it were you and Naty he would also say ‘both’?”, questioned Lina.

When he realized what was happening, Lucas apologized and reinforced that he had no intention of hurting her. The artist then asked for a break. “This embarrassment is not mine now, it’s yours”, she said, who ended up going back to her room and crying while being comforted by Tiago Abravanel.

Moments later, Slovenia, who also made a mistake with the pronoun when referring to her sister, called her for a conversation and basically asked Lina to have the same patience with her brother.
“I don’t want to feel pain anymore to ease the pain of others”, lamented the singer.

On social media, Lucas’ team has already spoken: “There is no plausible excuse capable of erasing or lessening Lina’s pain at this moment. Lucas was wrong and period. Regardless of intent, this mistake was violence. Lina is a woman who deserves to have her right respected. To her and her WMDs, we offer our affection and respect.”

Unfortunately, in the comments, many netizens invalidated Lina’s sentiment and the entire cause she represents.
After all, as “he didn’t do it on purpose”, she can only be “forcing the bar to take advantage of the situation”.
It was even left for the administrators, who were criticized for “burning” their own customer.
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