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Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 finale: Fans split over Daisy Kelliher and Gary King ‘s relationship

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Tonight, in the final episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, the Parsifal III crew bid farewell to their last charter guest and partied through the night to put the journey to an exciting end.

During the party, Daisy Kelliher got drunk and tried to get intimate with Gary King. The two were interrupted by Kelsie who wanted to sleep in her bed. When saying goodbye to each other, Gary hinted at having a relationship with her “maybe one day.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans were split over the relationship (or lack of one) – while some felt that Gary could not be trusted after being associated with three crew members, others supported the couple.

What happened between Daisy and Gary on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Tonight on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy spoke to Gary while he was cleaning the kitchen. The conversation became flirtatious just as Daisy was leaving for her room, which is when Gary commented:

“Lets just go cuddle.”

Daisy responded by saying:

“I am waiting for it.”

She told viewers directly on camera that she was drunk. Kelsie interrupted the duo as they were about to get intimate. While saying goodbye to each other, Gary commented:

“I think my relationship with Daisy has come a long way from the last season.”

Daisy Kelliher and Gary King were spotted making out at the start of the season, but soon enough their relationship took a weird turn as Gary became romantically involved with three crew members on the yacht: Gabriela Barragan, Ashley Marti and Scarlett Bentley. Later, Daisy denied the allegations of her sleeping with Gary.

The reunion is next week and fans will have to wait until then to discover if the duo are in a relationship. In a recent interview with E! News, Daisy said that,

“We’re just friends but I will admit that we’re probably still quite flirty.”

Daisy and Gary’s conversation draws mixed reactions from fans

Some Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans supported the relationship, while others hoped that Daisy would not get romantically entangled with him.

What else happened on Below Deck Sailing Yacht tonight?

Tonight on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Ashley was promoted to the position of lead stew and was praised by the captain for doing a good job.

Marcos was also praised by the captain. He revealed that was going to open his own restaurant in LA with chef Louis Huh and was not coming back for the next season. The hotel, named Marlou, is currently in downtown Los Angeles in the O Hotel.

Last week, Marcos was informed of the dietary restrictions of the guests, who could not eat gluten or consume any dairy products. Despite being exhausted and tense due to the news of his best friend’s mother passing away, the chef outdid himself once again with his delicious menu and gluten-free wedding cake.

The episode description for the same reads,

“As the guests return from the wedding ceremony, the crew tries to cap off a great season with the perfect reception dinner. While Marcos strives to wow the guests with his best meal yet, time is running out and he still has to add the finishing touches on the wedding cake.”

It has not been confirmed if Below Deck Sailing Yacht will return for a fourth season.

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