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Blue Orchid Hotels Founder Tony Matharu Net Worth And Bio

In this article, we will read about “Blue Orchid Hotels Founder Tony Matharu Net Worth And Bio

Tony Matharu, a famous businessman with a high expected net worth has founded many successful start-up organizations and businesses and combines his passion for hospitality. He recently founded London’s independent hotel chain.

Blue Orchids are one of the famous and trusted hospitality hotel collections with luxury. The chain of hotels is located in different popular locations around London. 

Running the biggest hotel chains, Tony Matharu is the Founder and Chairman of Integrity International Group. He is a former winner of Best Small Hotel Company and former Hotelier of the Year.

Now showing his expertise, Tony is handling the business of the hospitality section. He has founded the biggest independent hotel chain in London, Blue Hotels Orchids.

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Blue Orchids Founder Tony Matharu Net Worth 2022

Tony Matharu, the well-renowned businessman’s net worth is estimated at 1.4 billion US dollars. 

However, the famous personality does not like to promote or flaunt his money on social media. He likes to live a simple lifestyle away from the chaos of paparazzi and media queries.

The businessman has built numerous start-up groups and enterprises. Tony mixes his love for hospitality with sports, philanthropy, and community involvement.

Tony also holds the position of Chairman and Founder of Integrity International Group. He won a special recognization award for his contribution to London’s success.

The average salary of a chairman is estimated at 180K dollars annually. Surely his experience of more than a decade, Tony’s earnings must be more than 6 figures.

Tony Matharu Wikipedia

Tony Matharu is a famed businessman. Tony graduated in Law and Economics and holds Board and other positions in the arts. However, his experience in the field of hospitality is listed on his official LinkedIn details.