BTS’ Jin starts a sold-out streak again, MapleStory bread’s company struggles to fulfill all orders

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BTS’ Jin recently posted a photo of his latest treasure, several MapleStory character bread on Weverse, and added that he wished to collect a particular character’s sticker. The effect led to the convenience store GS25, the exclusive partner of MapleStory bread, reporting that they have experienced a surge in orders since June 17 and continue getting all their orders sold out daily.

The MapleStory character’s bread, simply called MapleStory Bread, started rolling out on June 17 – the same day BTS’ Jin made his Weverse post. As per GS25, they sold 100,000 units on the first day.

Their maximum quantity per day, 50,000, was sold out the next day as well. To curb the crazy demand, the company has now placed limitations on buying.

BTS’ Jin searched for MapleStory bread, now the entire country is searching for it too

After the craze for Pokemon bread influenced by leader RM, BTS’ Jin’s love for MapleStory has started yet another sold-out trend in South Korea.

It’s no secret that the K-pop giants set in motion demands for almost every product they touch or talk about – Jungkook sold out TEAZEN’s Kombucha drink, a clothes softener, V sold out a fancy wine and RM sold out a rubber-duck snow maker to name a few.

This time, the eldest member of the septet unknowingly pushed the sales of GS25 and MapleStory’s collaboration, MapleStory character bread.

The character bread includes collectible stickers and stamps. When registered on the GS25 app, these stamps are handy as they allow people to buy or obtain certain in-game items.

Known as a lover of the Nexon MMORPG game, BTS’ Jin bought 16 character bread on the first day of its sale, June 17. He shared his excitement with fans on Weverse and even posted his collection.

The Epiphany singer’s love reached fans, and they too hurried to buy the character bread. As per GS25, via Korea Economic TV’s report, they have received 300,000 orders, including stock orders till June 21. They received 100,000 unit orders on the first day and 50,000 the next. Their daily manufacturing limit is 50,000.

As it became increasingly difficult to meet the demands, GS25 placed restrictions on the buying quantity. A consumer can only buy a maximum of five bread per day, one for each character.

Jin has always been very vocal about his love for MapleStory. The idol has frequently mentioned the nostalgic game, how he still plays it, and more.

His public expression even led to the K-pop giants’ collaboration with the MMORPG game. The members designed and introduced several new characters. Meanwhile, Jin even served as one of the key judges for a new character design competition held last year.

In other news, the group’s youngest, Jungkook, will be releasing his solo collaboration with Charlie Puth titled Left and Right on June 24 at 1 PM KST.

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