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BTS’ Yet To Come debuts at number one on Billboard’s Global Excl. U.S.

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BTS’ Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) has landed at the number one spot on Billboard’s ‘Global Excl. U.S.’ chart for the week of June 25. Following closely behind is Harry Styles at number two on the ‘Global 200’ chart as well.

The previous Bangtan songs that charted at the number one spot on Billboard’s ’Global Excl. U.S.’ chart are Dynamite, Life Goes On, Butter, Permission to Dance, and My Universe.

A day prior, Billboard officially announced that Bangtan’s new anthology album, Proof, had debuted at number one on its famous Top 200 Albums chart. Fans are anticipating Bangtan’s Yet To Come to rank higher on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, which will be updated later this week.

BTS’ Yet To Come and b-side tracks make appearances on Billboard Hot 100

Bangtan’s Yet To Come made an appearance on Billboard’s Hot 100 at number 13 in its first appearance. Their other b-side tracks also made appearances on Billboard Hot 100. Run BTS appears on Billboard Hot 100 at 73, For Youth comes in at 110, and Born Singer ranks 121.

Proof is their sixth number one album on the Billboard 200. Bangtan is now the first and so far the only Korean artist ever to top the Billboard 200 with six different albums.

Bangtan’s first number one album was Love Yourself: Tear in June 2018, followed by Love Yourself: Answer, Map of the Soul: Persona, Map of the Soul: 7, and BE.

BTS’ Proof makes a total of 514,000 copies in weekly sales on the Oricon chart

Bangtan’s Proof has also emerged at the top of the Oricon chart for the week of June 13 to June 19, ranking at number one with a total of 514,000 copies sold in weekly sales.

Proof ranked first in Oricon’s ‘Daily Album Ranking’ as of June 13 and ‘Weekly Digital Album Ranking’ as of June 20. This is the ninth record for Bangtan’s Oricon ‘Weekly Digital Album Ranking.’

According to Oricon, Proof now holds the record for the highest first-week sales for any album released in 2022.

BTS’ Proof wraps up its first week with over 220 million streams on Spotify

BTS is certainly on a record-breaking spree. Bangtan’s anthology album Proof recorded 222.4 million streams in the first week of its release, breaking the record for the biggest album debut by a Korean act in 2022 on Spotify. The record was previously set by the septet’s own 2020 album, BE.

Proof has also become the first album by a Korean group and an Asian act to exceed 200 million streams in the first week, with the septet achieving this feat in only six days.

Furthermore, according to Spotify’s latest update, the K-pop juggernaut’s latest hit title track, Yet To Come, gained over 40.3 million streams on Spotify in the first week. This cements its spot as the most-streamed song in its first week of release in 2022.

The b-side tracks from Proof also entered the list of the top ten biggest song debuts in 2022. Run BTS sits at number one on the list with over 26 million streams, For Youth at number six with almost 15 million streams, and Born Singer at number seven with around 12.8 million streams accumulated in the first week.

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