Chenle NCT Claimed Not Sincerely Performing ‘Polaroid Love’ Enhypen Flood Defense

: Chenle NCT received a fan request to do a challenge that is currently viral, namely ‘Polaroid Love’ which is an Enhypen song on a new fancall.
Tuesday (22/2) NCT members held a fancall event together with fans at the Yizhiyu Fansign. Some lucky fans didn’t hesitate to share their conversation moments with NCT members.
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Unfortunately, one of (A’s) fan moments with Chenle ended up being controversial. The fan asked Chenle to do the challenge “Polaroid Love” which is an Enhypen song.

“Honestly I’m not sure if I should upload but… chenle did a polaroid love challenge with me but she was too focused on following the steps so she looked a bit serious? but he did smile a lot at the end but no one has a misunderstanding about chenle being disinterested or anything..,” explained A.

After A shared Chenle’s moment of doing the “Polaroid Love” challenge on his personal Twitter account, many said that the handsome idol didn’t write it down. The A then immediately deleted the Chenle video that he shared because he was also criticized for being considered forcing the handsome idol born in 2001.

“Someone just told me chnle had a bad money time with me because of that challenge… s**l I hate it when people get the wrong idea about something,” exclaimed the A.

Surprisingly, the video of Chenle doing the “Polaroid Love” challenge, which was criticized, immediately made fans angry. Fans mentioned that the person who blasphemed Chenle did not know the NCT Dream member at all. Chenle emphasized that he always showed a similar expression when he was focused on something. At that time, Chenle did pay attention to the pose in “Polaroid Love” shown by A. Chenle was also said to immediately refuse fan requests if he didn’t want to do that.

Fans even showed evidence of Chenle making the same expression when he was focused on playing games or paying attention to pictures. Chenle who smiled at the end of his version of the “Polaroid Love” challenge was also proof that he was sincere.

“I don’t see anything wrong with love chenle’s polaroid and as the op has stated he asked chenle if it’s okay with him and he said okay so anyone who will start seeing the expression ‘focus on how to get steps right’ will negatively see me angry,” one fan exclaimed. “Ihh, I just found out that someone doesn’t like Chenle when I join the Polaroid Love challenge. Ehh, that’s Chenle’s expression, oh my god, if you don’t know what kind of chenle is, you don’t have to say anything. It’s not very clear to you,” said another. “For people who might say Chenle isn’t interested in doing Polaroid Love, know that he’s focused on how to do moves with a serious face. if he is not comfortable,

Fans who gave a defense also asked A not to pay too much attention to those who criticized him. Unfortunately, A said he still didn’t want to re-share the video of Chenle doing the “Polaroid Love” challenge for fear that the SM Entertainment idol would reap negative comments.

“Thank you to everyone who gave kind words from dm,” A said while giving a heart emoji. “Hello!! some of you have dm me asking me to chnle polaroid love challenge personally…i’m sorry but i won’t be replying to dm like that for now because i really don’t want it to spread and make the situation worse…i hope you guys can understand my perspective! Thank you,” explained A. “Maybe if I could upload the videos separately… I’d find out..,” he promised.

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