Chris Downey (Blind Architect) : Inspiring Story

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Chris Downey, 59 years old, is profiled in the most recent episode of 60 Minutes. Downey is an architect and works as a consultant for architecture businesses. In 2008, he underwent successful surgery to remove a brain tumour; but, two days later, he discovered that he was blind.

One month after undergoing cancer surgery, Downey made the decision to delay his return to work in order to wait for the stitches to be removed, which took a few days. In only nine months after he lost his vision, the economy fell into a recession, and he was laid off.
On the other hand, he found out that a local company was going to open a rehabilitation facility for soldiers who had lost their sight, and he was quickly recruited on as a consultant for the project.

Who Is Chris Downey?

In 2008, Chris Downey, an architect and consultant to architecture firms, lost his vision two days after a successful procedure to remove a brain tumour. Before the treatment, he had been legally blind. Downey is not included on Wikipedia despite the fact that he has achieved a lot despite losing his sight.
Downey was hired on as a consultant not long after he lost his sight by Smithgroup, JJR, and The Design Partnership, who were working on a rehabilitation centre in Palo Alto for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The centre was located in the Bay Area.
I have just finished watching the most fascinating episode of 60 Minutes, which was about a man named Chris Downey, who lost his sight but continued to work in the architectural industry. Here is the article, which is highly recommended to everyone who wants to read it.

They were making a shrewd move by doing so because it was analogous to putting one of their blindfolded veterans on the design team. Because he had recently lost his sight and could empathise with the struggles that the soldiers were going through, he was in a unique position to provide valuable insights that almost no other architect could.
Downey rose to prominence quite quickly in the architectural community by working as a consultant. The Duke Eye Center as well as the Vision and Rehabilitation Tower at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center are both examples of projects that he worked on that were intended for visually impaired individuals.
As part of his employment, he provides assistance not only to people who are totally blind but also to those who have vision impairments.

Chris Downey Real Age

After suffering a loss of vision at the age of 45, Chris Downey, now 59 years old, has remained blind for the past 14 years. He went to the hospital after becoming aware of a problem while he was engaging in physical activity with his son Renzo, who was 10 years old at the time.
It was determined that a tumour close to his optic nerve was the cause of the problem, and the removal of the tumour required nine and a half hours of surgery. His surgeon had informed him that complete blindness was a possible, but that in all of his years of practise, he had never seen it.

His wife, Rosa Downey, asserted that he was able to see when he first awakened from surgery.
However, after that, things started going in the wrong direction. The next day, he saw that half of his vision was missing. He was unable to see when he woke up the following morning.

Disclosure of Chris Downey’s Net Worth

It is not known what Chris Downey’s net worth is; nevertheless, it is speculated that he is a millionaire with a fortune that is greater than $1.2 million.
It has been stated that the average compensation for a Senior Architect is approximately $138,967 per year, however the starting wage for an entry-level employment as an architect in San Francisco, California can start from approximately $53,000.
Even though he is blind, he is having a lot of success with his architectural practise. Over the course of the past ten years, he has provided assistance in the development of museums, parks, and educational institutions that are accessible to blind and visually impaired individuals.
During the year 2020, he worked as a design assistant for Thinc and Grimshaw on the sustainability pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai.

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