Daiana Garbin gives an update on her daughter’s health status.

Daiana Garbin, wife of Tiago Leifert, thanks the concern of the fans and updates the followers on the state of her daughter Lua Leifert, the result of her marriage to the presenter.: This Monday (21), the writer Daiana Garbin, wife of the presenter Tiago Leifert, participated in a live on Instagram to bring light to February Laranja, leukemia awareness month, together with Abrale (Brazilian Association of Lymphoma and Leukemia). Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

Later, he used the same platform (Instagram Stories) to thank the messages of support and affection he received in relation to his daughter, in addition to allaying the concern of the fans.
“I want to thank you for your concern with the Moon.
Many people asking on the live how she is.
She is great! We had another chemotherapy session on Saturday (19) and our girl is very strong, she is a little bull!”.

Daiana Garbin gives an update on her daughter's health status.  - 1

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Recently, it was revealed by Daiana and Tiago through their social networks that the couple’s one-year-old daughter is being treated for a rare type of eye cancer, called retinoblastoma. The news was given in January, according to the couple, the intention to bring to light the health of the first and only daughter was intended to alert other parents about the need and importance of early diagnosis.

“We found out that our daughter, Lua, has cancer.
She has a very rare type of eye cancer called retinoblastoma.
It is a cancer that happens in the cells of the retina.
They end up having a disordered growth, and they end up forming tumors, which can be in one eye, or as in the case of our daughter, bilateral” They stated at the time.

“She has a tumor in each eye. It’s very difficult to discover this cancer, it’s usually something that happens in very young children, when they can’t express it and the parents don’t know “, added the journalist.

Fortunately, according to her mother, Lua is still going strong and is making a good recovery after another chemo session.
“She is recovering very well, she is already running around the house, laughing.
So, thank you so much for your concern, love and prayers.
A huge kiss and goodnight” she celebrates her.

Featured photo: Daiana and Tiago with their daughter Lua.

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