Damaad Ji Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Watch Online 2022 By Viral

In this article, we will read about “Damaad Ji Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu Web Series Watch Online 2022 By Viral

The trailer for the new web series Damaad ji season 2 palang tod was posted on YouTube by the well-known ott platform Ullu app. Damaad ji season 2 palang tod is an Indian web series that you can watch on the popular OTT app in India, ullu. The web series Damaad Ji: Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu is a Fantasy, Drama, and Romance.

Damaad Ji Season 2 Palang Tod Web Series Watch Online All Episodes?

Popular ullu web show damaad Ji is back with its second season. Mohan gets hurt in an accident in the previous season, so Kumud calls her mother Ranjana to take care of him. Ranjana and Mohan start a sexual relationship after falling in love. A few days later, Ranjana hurts her leg as she walks back to her house. Mohan finds out later that she doesn’t want to leave his house. Instead, she wants to be with him.

This season starts with the love story of Mohan and Ranjana. Ranjana and Mohan have a relationship. Mohan’s friend sees both of them. Mohan’s friend tries to get him to do what she wants by saying that he also wants to sleep with her mother-in-law.

Damaad Ji Season 2 Palang Tod Web Series Storyline?

Aayushi Jaiswal (Kumud).

Rajsi Verma (Ranjana, Saas).

Sebashish Nayak (Mohan, Damaad).

Fantasy, drama, and romance.

App for OTT Platform Ullu

Language Hindi

Release date 7 June 2022

Season 2

There are 2 episodes.

Episode Runtime 25 Minutes

Manmeet Singh Sodhi is the director.

The trailer for this web series shows that the story will be fun and interesting. Every single web series on the Ullu app is fun and interesting.

People like to watch ullu web series because of the actresses in them. The Ullu app always hires the best actresses and models to be in their web series. The famous curvy actress Rajsi Verma was chosen by Ullu to be in this web series.

The second season of Damaad Ji: Palang Tod will be available on the ullu app on June 7, 2022.

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