Dentinho and Dani Souza talk about the Russian bombing situation in Ukraine

Dani Souza and Dentinho are worried about the war waged by Russia against Ukraine today and what it is doing for their Brazilian and Ukrainian friends and for those who live there.: Dani Souza, wife of the player Dentinho, appeared on her Instagram around the early this Thursday (24), due to the bombing carried out by Russia against Ukraine, she who lived for a long time in Kiev precisely because her husband was playing for the Shanktar Donetsk team, spoke about how worried she was because she has acquaintances there. Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

She types in the post: “How awful! We always knew he could attack and take the city in a week! We left Ukraine, but our friends and everyone we know is in the city!”, she lamented, adding: “There are many Brazilians still in Ukraine.
How can he do this? These people don’t deserve it! These people are already suffering! My God”.

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The player Dentinho, on the other hand, showed his concern, also indignation at the situation that is taking place and put in his stories a scene of a video of the attacks and put captions with broken hearts and crying emojis, to show how much he was super distressed. In his feed, he asked for Ukraine’s support, to prevent a worse massacre and for a war to start once and for all around the world.

Nowadays, the couple is living in Brazil, after they lived in Ukraine for 10 years, but they say that they have friends who live there in the European country, even Brazilians also live there, work and have family, which makes them worried. , after all the friendship is of a very long time.

On a day when she was on the Ticaracaticast podcast with her former colleagues from the time of the comedy program Pânico: Marcos Chiesa and Marvio Lúcio, the eternal Mulher Samambaia told about how she met her husband:

“One day we went to lunch with Carlinhos, and they were together.
My husband is very playful.
The kitchen staff asked us to take a picture.
He took my arm, and said: ‘Let’s go!’.
And he turned to Carlinhos and said: ‘I’ll marry this one’.
Then he passed.
Then I went to a party he was at, and every time someone passed by he said: ‘Look, it’s my girlfriend’.
I laughed.
We ended up getting to know each other and staying in hiding for eight months”, he said, remembering the moment with a smile about the situation that took place until his marriage to the player.

Featured Photo: Dani Souza watching CNN about Russia’s War against Ukraine.

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