Did Beabadoobee aka Bea and Soren Breakup?

Beabadoobee aka Bea and her boyfriend Soren seems to have broken up recently. 

According to Reddit, the couple has unfollowed each other on social media platforms and have deleted their past post which mentioned each other. 

A user believes, their “one-sided open relationship” might have played a role in ending their relationship. Rumors are, that Bea was in an open relationship while Soren did not have the facility. 

However, the couple has not made any announcement regarding their breakup or their relationship arrangements yet. They are yet to release a statement or post about their breakup on the internet. 

Although neither Bea nor Soren have spoken anything about their breakup on the internet, netizens have already started to make the rumor trending on the internet. They seem to be keenly invested in finding out the whole story. 

Until one of them clarifies the situation to their viewers and fans, we cannot confirm or deny the rumors floating on the internet. 

Beabadoobee with her boyfriend Soren
Beabadoobee with her boyfriend Soren (source :

Who Is Beabadoobee New Boyfriend 2022?

Beabadoobe’s new boyfriend in 2022 has not come to the surface yet. 

As rumors about her split from her long-term boyfriend Soren started appearing on the internet, netizens are keen to know about her next relationship. 

However, her next relationship does not seem to have started yet as it has been only a few days since her breakup rumors have started appearing on the internet. 

She has not posted anything about her new relationship or her partner on the internet yet, in fact, she has not clarified her breakup rumors as well. 

Bea’s boyfriend Soren is said to be the inspiration behind several of her songs, but much about him has not come to the surface. He has maintained privacy despite being in a relationship with a well-known singer. 

What Is Beabadoobee Age?

Beabadoobee’s actual age is 22 years old and she was born in 2000.

Similarly, she celebrates her birthday on June 3 every year. She is showered with wishes and blessings by her family and friends on her birthday every year.

According to her actual date of birth, Bea has acquired Gemini as her zodiac sign.

Making predictions about her personality based on her zodiac sign, people with Gemini as their zodiac sign tend to be flexible, extroverted, and clever.