Didn’t expect to wear hijab, Tya Arestya had these ‘ugly’ thoughts

: Tya Arestya decided to look more closed by wearing a hijab. But before deciding to wear a hijab, Tya had time to think about these bad things.
Tya Ariesya has now decided to look more closed. This can be seen from some of Tya’s Instagram uploads who are wearing a hijab.
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Then recently, Tya Arestya showed some of the hijab models that she used. Tya also recalled the moment when she had not decided to wear the hijab. Initially, Tya Arestya thought about some bad things if she later wore the hijab.

“In the past, I really didn’t imagine wanting to wear the hijab, it must be complicated, I definitely can’t wear it, it must be messy, ouch this, ouch that,” wrote Tya Arestya on Instagram, Friday (25/2).

However, that bad thought then disappeared after Tya Arestya decided to wear the hijab at this time. Although not perfect, Tya Ariesya is still trying to learn how to dress privately.

“But now the reality is that when it’s working, thank God, at least you can use it first, it’s not very neat, not good at all, using a pin doesn’t get stuck either, hihihi, it’s all in the process,” said Tya Arestya.

In addition, Tya Arestya also emphasized that the video he shared was not a hijab tutorial. Tya just wants to show some of the hijab models that she wears. This 35-year-old woman also admitted that she is still trying to practice again to find other hijab models.

“Tutorials!?! Obviously open!!!! This is learning, it’s only been a month of studying, it’s impossible to make tutorials, it’s still pletotous, it’s still a learning process & a process of getting used to it, “said Tya Arestya.

“Indeed, every day I definitely try to wear hijab so that I get used to it, because the first 2 weeks of learning to wear hijab, the one who wore it was always brown,” said Tya Arestya. “This Mayan got 3 models that can be used alone, the spirit can practice again. Which model fits best?” asked Tya Ariesya to netizens on Instagram.

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