Doyoung’s main opponent NCT Joins ‘Melts’ Get a Sweet Delivery from Jaehyun at the Filming Location

: NCT’s Doyoung received an unexpected gift from Jaehyun on the set, his co-star in the upcoming drama ‘To X Who Don’t Love Me’ admitted he was moved.
Food trucks are indeed a form of support that is usually done by South Korean celebrities. Usually these food trucks are delivered by close friends.
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Yesterday, Friday (25/2) NCT’s Doyoung shared the food truck he received from his group mate, Jaehyun. Doyoung looked touched because Jaehyun secretly prepared a food truck for him.

Jaehyun asked the cast and staff of the drama “To X Who Don’t Love Me” (literal title) to look after Doyoung. “Please take care of Si Ho hyung who loves me very much,” Jaehyun said while greeting Doyoung with his character name.

On the glass sleeve, Jaehyun gave a portrait of Doyoung and hoped that the cast and staff would enjoy it. “Please enjoy the drink and gain strength,” said Jaehyun.

Doyoung immediately shared a photo of the food truck from Jaehyun and wrote a sweet reply. “It’s impossible not to love you,” said the handsome idol born in 1996.

Not only Doyoung expressed his gratitude, his co-star Han Ji Hyo also did the same. Han Ji Hyo through her personal Instagram account shared a photo moment in front of the food truck from Jaehyun.

Han Ji Hyo was grateful that the food truck was the first to appear on the set of “To X Who Don’t Love Me”. “First coffee truck for the first time!! Thanks to you, filming got warmer. Thank you,” said Han Ji Hyo while giving a white heart emoji.

Meanwhile, “To X Who Don’t Love Me” is slated to be released this year but official details have yet to be revealed. “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” tells a magical notebook story that can make anyone fall in love with someone for a month. Doyoung will be playing the lead role of Jung Shi Ho, a traumatized student with painful experiences during his elementary school days. Han Ji Hyo will play Seo Hee Soo who is Jung Shi Ho’s friend. Seo Hee Soo has a magic notebook and Jung Shi Ho is the only one who knows. Jung Shi Ho worries that Seo Hee Soo will try the magic notebook for a month’s romance.

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