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Dragged by the Wirda Mansur controversy, Maudy Ayunda bluntly admits she prefers to feel stupid

: Maudy Ayunda was dragged into the controversy by Wirda Mansur, who claimed to have studied at Oxford, however was not depended on by the public. Instead Maudy is known to have graduated from Oxford and Stanford University.
Maudy Ayunda’s identify was dragged into the controversy by Wirda Mansur who claimed to have studied at Oxford. However, the confession of Ustaz Yusuf Mansur’s daughter did not consider the various evidences discovered by social media customers.
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Maudy Ayunda was dragged as it was known as a graduate of Oxford University and Stanford University. There have been even many requests to invite Maudy and Wirda to the similar match.

Meanwhile, Vidi Aldiano uploaded content material with Maudy Ayunda phase two on Sunday (27/2). On this instance, Maudy expressed his enthusiasm when studying new issues.

The dialogue relates to Maudy Ayunda’s determination to grow to be an investor in a box this is a ways from her focal point of learning up to now. However, Maudy selected this trail to upload new wisdom.

“It’s in reality attention-grabbing as a result of I feel that the worth I am getting is more monetary, however more… I realized so much from those folks,” mentioned Maudy Ayunda. “That’s one thing this is very other from my pursuits, such as education and others. The issues that I’m not but a professional on, I in truth be informed so much.”

Maudy Ayunda even admitted that he was glad when he felt stupid about one thing or new wisdom. Studying is Maudy’s passion, so even supposing he has graduated from college, the celebrity of the film “Paper Boat” continues to be thirsty for wisdom.

“I didn’t know you have been like that, did you? I in reality like feeling stupid,” mentioned Maudy Ayunda. “One of them is now like blockchain and crypto. I’m additionally learning. Because that’s an issue that made me feel like ‘What’s this?’.”

Vidi Aldiano as an in depth buddy even mocked Maudy Ayunda, who in accordance to him was not all the time ‘sensible’. “S1 Oxford, S2 Stanford, sensible? Not essentially on a daily basis,” he joked.

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