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Dream Has Revealed His Face And Its None Other Than Youtuber Danny Gonzalez

In this article, we will read about “Dream Has Revealed His Face And Its None Other Than Youtuber Danny Gonzalez

A lot of people think that Dream has shown his face and it turns out that he is Danny Gonzalez. But they are just rumors on the Internet.

Has Dream Done A Face Reveal Yet?

Dream is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer best known for his Minecraft videos. Dream got a lot of attention in 2019 and 2020.

The gamer and YouTuber is known for his Minecraft Manhunt series and his Minecraft speedruns, for which he was accused of cheating in late 2020.

Dream’s Real Name Is Rumored To Be Danny Gonzalez But Is Karl Jacobs?

Dream later admitted that he used game hacks, but he said that the fact that his speedrun games were better was just a happy accident.

Dream has said that he will come out before the end of 2022. But now that it’s June, Dream hasn’t shown anyone his face yet.

Even though Minecraft YouTuber Dream has a huge online following, he has never revealed his real name and has only shown his face in a few short teases.

Dream has been making Minecraft videos for a long time, but no one has seen his face yet. People have only seen the smiling Dream logo, which has come to represent the whole company.

Dream is a streamer, and it’s hard for him to stream for a long time when he has a face mask on. So, it’s possible that such a chance will come up in the future when you get to see the face of Dream.

Many fans think that Dream’s real name is Danny Gonzalez, but the streamer hasn’t confirmed it yet.

Karl Jacobs, who streams Minecraft, says that YouTuber Dream’s real name is Clay. Many fans and Minecraft fans may not have known that Clay is Dream’s first name.

Karl Jacobs told the world on Twitter that Dream’s contact name on his phone was “Clay Dream.” This tweet has since been taken down.

Karl decided to make fun of Dream even more by saying that he would never put his face on social media where everyone could see it. He might not have done it.

Because of this news, “Clay Dream” is now booming and trending on Twitter, and fans are thrilled. Karl Jacob told Dream who her close Minecraft friends were after a few more FaceTime calls.

According to his Wikipedia page, Dream was born into his family on August 12, 1999, making him 22 years old right now.

After making a YouTube account on February 8, 2014, Dream didn’t start regularly posting videos until July 2019. Dream plays the game Minecraft in his oldest video, which can still be seen.

Dream used techniques from public forums to figure out the seed of a Minecraft planet that YouTuber PewDiePie was playing on in July 2019.

Dream made a video that went viral in November 2019 called “Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied…” As of January 2021, 49 million people had watched it.

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