Elisabeth Shue: Net Worth, Children, Husband And More


Elisabeth Shue is an icon.

Elisabeth Shue was Ali Mills in The Karate Kid. She was Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future II and III. She was an Academy Award nominee for playing a hooker in Leaving Las Vegas.

Elisabeth was recently on the big screen alongside Steve Carell and Emma Stone in Battle of the Sexes, and Elisabeth has an upcoming role alongside Bruce Willis in a move called Death Wish.

Elisabeth Shue has a personal net worth in the tens of millions of dollars.

Those things alone should make Elisabeth Shue celebrity royalty, but there’s so much more to this classy New Jersey native than meets the eye.

Her husband, Davis Guggenheim, is one of the most accomplished filmmakers of all-time. They have three children, Agnes Charles Guggenheim, Stella Street Guggenheim and Miles William Guggenheim, who will no doubt grow up to be talented and successful.

Elisabeth Shue has been an active philanthropist, championing a variety of causes over the years.

Again … SHE WAS ALI IN THE KARATE KID!!! What more needs to be said?

Elisabeth Shue: Net Worth

Elisabeth Shue has pretty much done it all. Commercials. Movies. TV. Broadway.

Elisabeth Shue has done major work as an actress since the early 1980s. Is it any surprise that her personal net worth is in the range of $32 million?

Elisabeth Shue was in The Karate Kid! That movie made almost $100 million at the box office … in the mid-1980s!

That’s just her. Don’t forget her husband, filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. His net worth is estimated at $2.5 billion. That’s BILLION with a B! He has established himself as one of the visionary documentary filmmakers of his time. Apparently, documentary filmmaking is sort of a lucrative field.

Elisabeth Shue: Education and Philanthropy

Elisabeth Shue is not a celebrity who just sits back, lives the life and doesn’t take time for the world around her. Quite the contrary. She is an educated, socially-aware celebrity who has used her platform for the greater good.


Like many celebrities – or anyone, really – today, Elisabeth did not have a traditional education path. She attended Wellesley College out of high school, but needed a way to pay for school. To do that, she began acting in commercials, landing gigs for Burger King and Hellmann’s mayo, among other things.

She was able to transfer to Harvard in 1985. Ivy League degree, no big deal. It didn’t work out that way, though.

Elisabeth left Harvard in 1988 with just one class to go before she graduated because she wanted to pursue a career in acting. She returned to the school 10 years later, in 1997, and began to take classes. In 2000, Elisabeth graduated from Harvard with a degree in political science.

Not theater. Not dance. Nothing like that. Political science at Harvard. Not your typical celebrity.

Giving Back

Someone as smart as Elisabeth Shue is not just going to sit back and watch the world go by. She has been active in numerous charity organizations over the years.

She is one of over 50 celebrities who have pledged their support and time to the Best Friends Animal Society, a group working to make sure every pet has a home.

She has been active with the Children’s Defense Fund, helping to ensure each child has a chance at a smooth transition to adulthood, and has also supported Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Chris Evert Charities and the Mia Hamm Foundation.

Elisabeth Shue: Family


Elisabeth Shue married filmmaker Davis Guggenheim in 1994. He is one of the most accomplished directors and producers of all-time in both TV and documentaries.

Guggenheim played an integral role in some of the most-watched TV shows ever to hit the small screen, including NYPD Blue, ER and 24. He is perhaps more well known for his documentary work, producing groundbreaking pieces such as An Inconvenient Truth, It Might Get Loud and Waiting for Superman – are three are among the highest-earning documentaries ever.

It’s no wonder that Elisabeth’s husband has accumulated a personal net worth of approximately $2.5 billion (note the b)!

Elisabeth and Davis have three children, Agnes Charles Guggenheim, Stella Street Guggenheim and Miles William Guggenheim.


Elisabeth’s Shue gave birth to her first child, son Miles William Guggenheim in 1997. Miles was followed into the family by sisters Stella Street Guggenheim in 2001 and Agnes Charles Guggenheim in 2006.

Elisabeth Shue is known as a dedicated and responsible mom. Elisabeth and Davis have kept their children’s lives relatively private. They are mostly out of the spotlight and their social media accounts are private. In a time when celebrity kids are sometimes out there more than their parents, this is a unique approach.

The children’s paternal grandfather was documentary filmmaker Charles Guggenheim.


Elisabeth Shue is the sibling of another celebrity, Andrew Shue. Andrew played Billy Campbell on Melrose Place and was also a professional soccer player for a short time. He also co-founded the site CafeMom, which provides a support system and information space for moms on the web.