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Erica Pantoja: Who Was She?  Cause of Death Of Her

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Erica Pantoja: Who Was She?  Cause of Death Of Her

The brutal murder of Erica Pantoja, a San Jose resident, has shocked and saddened everyone. According to recent reports, the San Jose Police Department has set up a GoFundMe page to assist and support the family of Erica Pantoja, who died in a car accident. Officials from the police department hope that public donations will assist Erica’s children. The children range in age from one to ten years old. Erica Pantoja had six children of her own. According to additional reports, Erica’s children will be cared for by Erica’s sister and grandmother.

The family has recently through a horrible and devastating period in their lives. Erica’s horrific and fatal murder has destroyed and traumatized the entire family. It’s heartbreaking to realize that the children lost their mother at such a young age. The family is arranging for these donations to help with the rearing of the small children, and this process will also aid in the family’s recovery from this terrible and devastating event. No one could have predicted Erica’s death and departure from this world so soon.

According to police records, Erica Pantoja was at her home with her six children when her estranged husband unexpectedly showed up at their apartment in north San Jose. The pair got into a fight out of nowhere. Hearing the brawl, the building’s security guard rushed up to assist her. The guard and Erica were both tragically shot by Erica’s estranged husband. This heinous crime took place before police arrived on the scene. Erica died as a result of her estranged husband’s lethal shot. Following the incident, both her husband and she shot themselves, and all three of them died.

Erica’s sister talked about domestic abuse on social media after this heinous and inhumane act. Domestic violence should never be ignored, according to her sister. She advised everyone who has been the victim of domestic violence to file a complaint against their abusers. She urged them all to refuse to be victims of domestic violence and to speak out against it. Everyone in the neighborhood was stunned and shaken by this awful and deadly incident. Police officials and his loved ones have hailed the guard who came to Erica’s rescue as a hero.

They’re all thanking him for speaking up in defense of a woman who was being abused by her husband. People are hailing him a hero since he did such a bold deed without giving a second thought to his own life. Everyone has been horrified and shattered by this awful tragedy. Everyone has been affected by this occurrence. People have shown their generosity by giving to the San Jose Police Department’s GoFundMe page. Keep up with us for all the newest national and international updates, news, and information.

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