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Faze Swagg Announces Break Up With His Girlfriend Maria On Twitter, What Happened Between Them?

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Famous YouTuber Faze Swagg recently piqued fans’ curiosity by admitting he and his girlfriend, Maria, were breaking up.

Faze Swagg, a YouTuber and gamer, likes both. Swagg is best known for his YouTube gaming videos for “Call of Duty: Black Ops III.”
One of his earlier videos was “Black OPS 2,” which was released in 2013.

2.47 million people subscribe to him on YouTube right now. He is supported by Gamma Labs and Kontrol Freek. Instagram celebrity Faze is well-known and popular. He became famous by posting positive and uplifting videos and images to his Instagram account.

Exactly why did Faze Swagg break up with Maria? Details of Their Split Examined

Through his Twitter account, Faze recently disclosed his breakup with Maria, his longtime lover. The YouTuber said in a tweet that he is no longer dating his girlfriend and that he wants to be open with his followers.

He made no mention of the specifics of why they broke up. He did ask the supporters to treat everyone with dignity during this period and to hold no one responsible for anything.

Before his most recent tweet, Swagg had also tweeted an apology for his absence of streaming. He added that he hasn’t been able to broadcast because he’s been experiencing internet problems lately and is also going through some personal matters.

Later, he admitted that he and his longtime girlfriend Maria are currently going through a breakup. However, Maria has not made any public announcements about the breakup and has kept silent the entire time.

We can wait for Swagg to speak up when he is prepared because the cause of the separation is still a mystery at this time.

Timeline of the Relationship Between Faze Swagg and Maria

Maria Russell, a certified eyelash technician, was Faze’s girlfriend. According to her Instagram, she now appears to be 22 years old. The YouTuber routinely recorded games he played with his companion and uploaded them in his videos.

Swagg frequently streamed his games with his fiancée, and the two were very honest about their relationship. He would also collaborate on a number of videos with his girlfriends, and the two used to have excellent chemistry.

Faze and Maria routinely shared photos of one another on social media, but following their separation, they erased all of the images together.

How much money is Faze Swagg worth?

The public is not aware of Swagg’s exact net worth. He has, nevertheless, had a relatively consistent career as a content provider across various platforms.

In the middle of 2013, when Swagg first started using YouTube, his channel only grew. He is well recognized for releasing gameplay footage on his YouTube channel. Because to the popularity of his programming as of 2021, he has more than 2.4 million members.

His YouTube channel has significantly increased his income. He also participates on Twitch, where his stream generates a lot of donations and income.

He creates content for the renowned Faze Clan label, which has approximately 11 million Instagram followers and a clothing line that unquestionably increases Swagg’s income.

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