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Gabi Dugal (singer), Scotty McCreery’s wife (American Idol alum) ready to welcome their first child

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In November 2022, Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi Dugal expect to have their first child. The musician told PEOPLE about the news, saying that he and Dugal had always desired kids. He stated:

“We always knew we wanted children, but we also always knew we wanted to travel and spend the first few years on the road, seeing things and living life.”
McCreery added that now is the ideal moment for them to settle down and grow their family because they have accomplished everything in their lives.

Wife of Scotty McCreery

A pediatric nurse, Gabi Dugal. She worked at Duke University Hospital after receiving her degree from the University of North Carolina in 2016. She currently works somewhere that is unknown.
There is currently no information available regarding Dugal’s date of birth, parents, career, or educational history. She also does not have a Wikipedia page.
Gabi Dugal attended the same kindergarten and elementary school as Scotty McCreery. But as they approached their senior year of high school, love began to develop. They got married the next year after being engaged in 2017. The music video for Scotty’s song This Is It also featured footage from the wedding.
Despite owning a home in North Carolina, the couple currently resides in Nashville. Dugal has appeared in a couple McCreery music videos, and they have a dog named Moose as a pet.

Gabi had intended to tell McCreery about the pregnancy after picking him up from the airport and before they arrived at a hockey game earlier in the year. She was unable to inform him until the following day since a delayed flight disrupted her plans. Scotty reflected on the event by saying: “I “I was having a wonderful time over there, drinking beer, when she said, “I believe I’ll just lay low tonight,” so I responded, “Okay.” I didn’t give it much thought.”
It was equally exciting for the couple to learn about the baby’s sexual orientation. Justification for his “I just assumed it would be a girl,” McCreery said. “I was the last McCreery boy left, the last boy on both sides of my family. Gabi is from a family with two sisters.”
Along with music and golf, Scotty intends to introduce baseball to his son. According to Gabi, handling the infant will be made easier by her background as a pediatric nurse. She remarked:

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