(G)I-DLE Releases Album Title Teaser Ahead of Comeback, Group Name Logo Writing Highlighted

: (G)I-DLE has recently been preparing for a comeback with a new full-length album, but what made fans fail to focus was because the logo of this girl group’s name looked different.
Early 2022, several K-Pop groups have launched their latest works. Such as special comebacks, single albums and various interesting content that their fans have been waiting for. Including (G)I-DLE who will soon be releasing their new album.
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(G)I-DLE officially announced their plans for the first group comeback after more than a year of hiatus. The announcement that was shared on February 24, (G)I-DLE also shared their first teaser as well as revealing the full album title.

(G)I-DLE will return with their first full album entitled “I NEVER DIE”. Gradually, (G)I-DLE also released several covers of each of the three versions, namely SpoIled, RiSKY, and Chill.

The first release of this one girl group signifies that they will be making a comeback as a five-member group. The reason is, Soojin has left after being caught in a bullying case.

Therefore, the first comeback of (G)I-DLE received a positive response from fans. Although many regret that this girl group under CUBE Entertainment only consists of five members, so many fail to focus on the logo name on the album teaser “I NEVER DIE” where the letter “(G)” looks faded and looks like it’s lifting “6”.

However, recently (G)I-DLE’s comeback has also caused concern for fans because recently there have been discussions about Yuqi’s dating rumors with GOT7’s Jackson. Many fans are afraid that (G)I-DLE’s comeback will be affected by these unfounded rumors considering that only Jackson’s agency has spoken up and denied it, while CUBE Entertainment has not yet spoken.

“The title of the album sounds like a total shadow to the people trying to ruin it. Look at them now,” commented a fan. “Finally, this might be their first comeback with just the five of them after a long journey of not being able to get into it without Soojin happening. I really hope he can come back one day, but I support (G)I-DLE with all my heart,” wrote a fan comment.

“Soojin’s amazing dance will be missed. Yuqi received a lot of hate from GOT7 fans because of her dating rumors. The sad thing is, Jackson’s agency didn’t even respond to him or the rumors properly but just insisted on his privacy,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, before planning the release of a full-length album as a group, the members of (G)I-DLE were busy with solo releases and individual activities. This one girl group has not made a group comeback since releasing the mini album “I burn” in January 2021. “I NEVER DIE” itself is reported to be first released on March 14.

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