Gil do Vigor, from Big Brother Brazil to the world

Former Big Brother Gil do Vigor is internationally successful as a lecturer on Economics. Gil arrives in London to speak alongside the former president of the Central Bank. : Economist Gil do Vigor is successful in London after participating in BBB 21. Last Tuesday (22), Gilberto Nogueira used his Social Networks to broadcast the latest professional news. The economist informed internet users that he will be a speaker on Economic Policies in London. Gil also emphasizes “guys, I’ll be at the side of the former president of the Central Bank!!!!! I’m already super excited.” Followers and close friends took advantage of the publication to wish her success. Pocah Ex-BBB 21 praised in the comments “pride”. Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

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Gil was a participant in the twenty-first edition of the season of the reality show Big Brother Brasil, he was successful for his dance “Tchaki Tchaki”, for the phrases used in his daily life such as “Brazil is chipped, Ai Brasil”. The Ex-BBB was the last eliminated from the program with 50.87% of the votes. He made history for his laughter, jokes, great friendships like Sarah’s and even outbursts, where he used words known more in the Northeast region of Brazil like “Basculho” directed at Pocah in a discussion at the house, Gil was also known for flirting with Lucas and at the parties to say that he would be “in love” with Thiago, former presenter of the program. On his way out of the house, he saw how much he was loved by the public in winning the prize of R$ 1.5 million and a half, but he gained financial success by signing advertising contracts with major brands such as: Ifood,

Gilberto holds a degree and a PhD in Economics from the Federal University of Pernambuco, a digital influencer and Brazilian reporter.
Before joining Big Brother Brazil, Gil had written to pursue a PhD in Europe, after leaving the program he received the news that he was called by two US Universities, Texas and Davis.
The economist chose the University of California, Davis to pursue his PHD.

Featured photo: Gil do Vigor in California. Playback / Instagram

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