Hengky Kurniawan Makes Anxious Because He Brings Lunch, Take A Peek At 8 Sweet Portraits With His Wife

:(*8*) Hengky Kurniawan succeeded in making the public thinking about appearing off Sonya Fatmala’s home made meals. Netizens failed to focal point on the spouse’s easy however nutritious menu. Hengky Kurniawan is known to have married Sonya Fatmala on April 23, 2015. Now, the husband and spouse have entered their 7th yr of marriage and frequently show cohesion in their family.. Follow Celebrilla for more Indo News.

Recently, the Acting Regent of West Bandung has succeeded in making the public really feel frightened as a result of of his latest add on his Instagram web page. Hengky appeared to proportion the second when he ate lunch from his spouse. Interestingly, netizens failed to focal point on Sonya’s egg-packed lunch.

Although Hengky’s lunch menu appeared easy, it was simple that the lunch was complete of vitamins. Hengky additionally praised his spouse for having ready provisions for him. He additionally had time to advertise the meals merchandise of SMEs that he ate that day.

On the different hand, Hengky and Sonya are known as a contented couple who frequently show their affection on their respective social media. Come on, take a peek at the following series of candy portraits of Hengky and Sonya.

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