‘Hilal’ Still Doesn’t Appear, ‘Dear.M’ Exactly 1 Year Failed To Show Back Injures

: KBS drama ‘Dear.M’, which has gone through 1 year of failing to air from the original plan, has again become a lively conversation for NCT’s Jaehyun fans on social media.
Early last year, NCT fans were happy because Jaehyun made his debut as an actor. Jaehyun became the male lead in the KBS drama “Dear.M”.
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“Dear.M” is known to be not only enthusiastically welcomed by NCT ​​fans, but also lovers of the web drama “Love Playlist”. “Dear.M” is known to be a spin off of the popular web drama.

Unfortunately, “Dear.M” was finally canceled indefinitely due to the controversy of the female lead, Park Hye Soo. He became one of the South Korean celebrities who were swept up in rumors of bullying during school.

Park Hye Soo herself has firmly denied the allegations and is currently under investigation by the authorities. KBS also decided to postpone the broadcast of “Dear.M” even though filming had finished considering the respect for the alleged victim.

Yesterday, Saturday (26/2), it was discovered that it was exactly 1 year since “Dear.M” was canceled. NCT fans were seen highlighting the cancellation of the release of Jaehyun’s debut drama.

Fans are deeply sorry for the cast and staff who have put so much effort into “Dear.M.” Not a few who immediately blamed Park Hye Soo for being the mastermind of “Dear.M” postponed indefinitely.

“From the start of the scandal up, all I thought about was the other cast, staff, producers, sponsors, etc., the lady and the agency were really stupid, if she had a healthy brain, the problem would have been solved immediately, not going away without clear clarity,” said one fan. “It should have been cha minho (Jaehyun’s role) a year ago,” I said. “I still don’t really accept, dear, that it won’t be broadcast. Jaehyun has been on a strict diet, he carries scripts everywhere, when the others are off he shoots, but what he gets is like this. he also said that Jaehyun was sick hopefully this year jeje can get a lot of drama, “hope others.

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