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Holly Ringland (author) At ABC, Back To Nature Series

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In the documentary series Back From The Nature, Holly Ringland, an international best-selling author, embarks on an exciting trip to reconnect with nature. She recently visited Australia’s Mount Lofty Ranges for the show.

Holly Ringland is an award-winning novelist whose novel “The Lost Flower Of Alice Hart” is a best-seller around the world. The work has been translated into 31 languages and is currently being adapted into a seven-part television series.
The budding novelist has been writing since she was a child and published her first book in 2018. The author is now embarking on an interesting adventure to have a closer look at nature.
She is determined, together with her co-host, actor Aaron Pedersen, to take us on a voyage of human-nature connection. Throughout the broadcast, the two hosts are on a mission to uncover the land’s unique tale.

Star of ABC’s Holly Ringland, Back To Nature

Back To Nature’s Holly Ringland is a novelist by trade. Her best-selling debut novel, Lost FLower Of Alice Hart, is her most well-known work.
On Australia’s east coast, she grew up barefoot and free in her mother’s tropical garden. Her mother was the most influential person in her life, as she instilled in her a love of nature from an early age.
After a two-year family tour to North America when she was nine years old, Holly Ringland developed an interest in culture and tales. She and her family travelled from the national park in a camp van.
Later in life, she worked in a remote indigenous village in the central Australian desert for a portion of her twenties.

Holly Ringland, the best-selling author

Holly’s name is now unmentioned on the Wikipedia official site. Holly, on the other hand, has an official webpage with all of her biographical information.
In 2009, the Australian citizen relocated to England to complete his schooling. She graduated from the University of Manchester with an MA in creative writing in 2011.
She longed to be a writer since she was three years old, and at the age of 37, she published her first novel. The novel, on the other hand, has been a best-seller on the worldwide market.
The Lost Flower of Alice Hart was even nominated for an Australian book industry award for Best General Fiction Book of the Year. Holly has secured a two-book deal with Harpers Collins Publisher Australia, following the success of her debut novel.
Holly was quite busy in 2022 with her documentary series “Back To Nature.” Holly used to split her time between Australia and the United Kingdom before the outbreak to learn new things about nature.

Holly Ringland’s Relationship Status

Holly Ringland is currently dating her true love, Sam, whose surname has yet to be revealed on the internet.
When Holly went to the United Kingdom in 2009, the two met for the first time. Holly hurried up to her future lover, Sam, on the fourth day of her move to Manchester.
Aside from that, little has been revealed about Holly Ringland’s love life. She spends most of her time with a fluffy white puppy who is really close to her.

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