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How does Queen Maeve die in comics? Theories about death explored ahead of The Boys Herogasm episode

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The Boys Season 3 Episode 5 shows Queen Maeve getting confronted by Black Noir and Homelander. Since then, fans have wondered if Maeve is dead or if there will be more of her in the upcoming episodes.

In the latest season, we saw Queen Maeve joining Butcher to kill Homelander. She offered Butcher some shots of Compound V, which helped him get temporary superpowers.

She also told Butcher about the mysterious weapon that killed Soldier Boy and how they could use the same weapon against Homelander. Sadly, things didn’t work according to Maeve and Butcher’s plans, and the group ended up releasing Soldier Boy from the Russian facility.

Homelander learned that Butcher and Maeve had been cooking something against him, so the superhero wasn’t exactly happy with Maeve’s betrayal. Although nothing is confirmed about her fate on the show, we can explore how her story ends in the comics.

Exploring Queen Maeve’s fate in The Boys comic book

The Boys has developed an extraordinary concept where superheroes are evil. However, Queen Maeve is neither bad nor good but a neutral character who likes to mind her own business.

She was injected with Compound V in her mother’s womb, which eventually gave her the ability to fly, super strength, stamina, and more. Despite being an influential member of Vought, she stays behind Homelander and Black Noir in terms of strength.

Queen Maeve was romantically involved with prominent superheroes, including Stormfront, whom she betrayed with another man. Later, she was in a relationship with The Legend, the chief editor of Victory comics.

The duo also produced a child who later became a superhero recognized as Blarney Cock. Apart from this, the most intense relationship she ever had was with Homelander. However, she broke up with him when Homelander tricked her into getting physically involved with Black Noir.

Even though Maeve was not so good with the new recruits of Vought, she had a soft corner for Starlight. She treated her like a sister, protecting her from dangerous situations.

Eventually, she sacrificed her life while protecting Starlight from Homelander. However, her sacrifice was avenged when Homelander was killed by his clone, Black Noir.

Is Queen Maeve dead in The Boys Season 3?

Nothing is known about whether Maeve is alive or dead in the show. As per Vought’s new CEO’s official response, Maeve has relapsed, so she has been taken to the Global Wellness Center.

It’s the same center that has helped Vought in hiding plenty of their dirty secrets. For instance, earlier, when Homelander killed Supersonic, the Wellness center helped Vought hide it by giving it the name of a relapse.

Hence, there is a possibility that Maeve will be going through the same thing.

Since Maeve plays a vital role in the show, it would be astonishing if her story comes to an end.

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