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How Much Is David Miliband Salary? Update On Net Worth of International Rescue Committee CEO

In this article, we will read about “How Much Is David Miliband Salary? Update On Net Worth of International Rescue Committee CEO

People on the Internet are talking about how David Miliband’s salary has almost tripled since he became president of the International Rescue Committee. People want to know how much money he has in his bank account.

How Much Is David Miliband Salary?

Some activist thinks that David Miliband’s salary as President of IRC might be raised again. His income from the same seat has already reached the seven-figure mark. But he has worked in many different fields over a long career.

He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Shields from 2001 to 2013. Since Lord Edward and Oliver Stanley did it in 1938, he and his brother Ed Miliband are the first brothers and sisters to both work in the Cabinet at the same time. After Gordon Brown left the Labour Party in 2010, he also ran for the leadership of the party.

Net Worth of International Rescue Committee CEO David Miliband Is In Millions?

In 2020, David Miliband’s salary as president of the International Rescue Committee will go up by almost $26,000, bringing it to $1,045,597. Many people are surprised to hear that his salary has gone up since he started working for the organization.

Daily Mail says that since he took over the charity organization eight years ago, his income from it has tripled. The information came from the US tax authorities. The IRC paid him $332,778 in his first year, and if you look at what he makes now, it’s already in the seven-figure range.

Even though he got the raise back in 2021, Tory MP Pauline Latham, who is a senior member of the International Development Committee, said that the amount Miliband was paid is ridiculous. Tory also made it clear that the money that has been given to him as a donation is not for him to spend but to help the people on the ground.

Still, he has held many different jobs as a politician and businessman over the course of his life. The first job Miliband had was as a political analyst at the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO).

From 1989 to 1994, he worked at the Institute for Public Policy Research as a Research Fellow and policy analyst. (IPPR). In 1992, John Smith, who was then the leader of the Labour Party, put him in charge of the IPPR’s Commission on Social Justice.

David Miliband, who used to be Foreign Secretary and is a member of the British Labour Party, is thought to be worth millions of dollars. As CEO of the International Rescue Committee, the 56-year-old makes more than $1 million a year.

As a Green, I’m begging David Miliband to give up his $1 million-a-year lifestyle in New York, which is paid for by the poorest people in the world, and come back to move Labour further to the right.

Also, when we look at his Wikipedia, we find out about an interesting claim he made. He asked for about £30,000 to fix up, paint, and buy furniture for his South Shields constituency home.

In 1998, David married his lovely wife, Louise Shackelton. She played the violin professionally and used to play with the London Symphony Orchestra. On December 21, 2010, they also opened their own office called the office of David Miliband Limited. Both of them worked for the company as directors.

Miliband is one year younger than his beloved partner, but they are happily married. Also, a picture shows the two of them walking outside. They don’t mind being caught on camera as they walk around in public.

Issac and Jacob Miliband, the couple’s two children, were both adopted from the United States. Because of this, they don’t have their own children.

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