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Hypnotized by Uya Kuya, Doddy Sudrajat cries about the black shirt, Vanessa Angel’s last gift

Vanessa Angel Dies: Doddy Sudrajat once more finds his disappointment and loss for the figure of his daughter, Vanessa Angel. Moreover, it was Doddy’s birthday sooner than Vanessa died.
Doddy Sujdrajat is prepared to be hypnotized when showing on Uya Kuya TV’s YouTube channel. In a state of hypnosis or leisure, Doddy once more reminisced about his last birthday, which was celebrated by the overdue Vanessa Angel.
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“Daddy (as Doddy) doesn’t know that it’s Daddy’s last birthday that Vanessa celebrates with,” stated Doddy Sudrajat in the content material shared on Sunday (27/2). Next, Doddy additionally informed Vanessa’s strange perspective that compelled him to select a gift.

“He gave items that had by no means been executed sooner than. He stated ‘What do you wish to have Daddy’ as a result of Daddy thinks he’s already married, Daddy’s birthday wonder was already satisfied, “defined Doddy. “But Vanessa nonetheless forces Daddy to ask what.”

Like a slump, Vanessa Angel then took Doddy Sudrajat and his mother and more youthful siblings to a boutique. Doddy and Puput it appears purchased all black garments.

“Finally Vanessa took Daddy to a boutique at the mall with Mama Puput as neatly, with Mayang, with all of Chika,” defined Doddy. “Vanessa gave me a black blouse and t-shirt. Mama Puput was additionally purchased in black.”

Air mata Doddy Sudrajat tak terbendung saat mengenang momen sang istri mengenakan hadiah pemberian tersebut di pemakaman Vanessa. Doddy mengingat pesan Vanessa yang memintanya dan sang istri mengenakan kemeja pemberian tersebut.

“Pada saat itu, Vanessa bilang ‘Pah ini dipake ya Pah’ itu warna hitam. Kita nggak tau Vanessa ngomong dipake di mana,” tutur Doddy diiringi isak tangis. “Ternyata kemeja hitam itu dipake sama Puput di saat pemakaman Vanessa.”

Momen tersebut rupanya kali terakhir Doddy Sudrajat bertemu Vanessa Angel. Oleh sebab itu, kecelakaan yang menewaskan sang putri pada 4 November 2021 sulit Doddy percaya.

“I will be able to’t imagine Vanessa left that rapid. It feels like simply the day gone by that Vanessa was celebrating her birthday with Daddy. He hugs Daddy, he kisses Daddy,” stated Doddy Sudrajat. “That was Daddy’s last assembly with Echa sooner than Daddy heard that Vanessa had an twist of fate on the Jombang dual carriageway.”

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