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I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 premiere: Fans slam Nancy as she asks her son to get a paternity test

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After tonight’s season premiere of I Love a Mama’s Boy, Nancy is getting slammed online by fans for suggesting that her son’s wife has been unfaithful. Nancy asked her son, Roberto, to get a paternity test done for one of his daughters alleging that she doesn’t look anything like him.

Roberto, a new I Love a Mama’s Boy cast member, was shocked by the statement and asked her how he would even bring it up in a conversation with his partner, Kristi. Roberto’s brother then supported their mother and asked him to get the test done. Roberto was very upset by this and stormed off.

I Love a Mama’s Boy fans slammed Nancy for her outrageous demand and felt that it was an attempt to sabotage his relationship with Kristi. This did not sit well with fans at all.

I Love a Mama’s Boy fans slam Nancy for asking Roberto to get a DNA test done on his kids

Tonight on the season premiere of I Love a Mama’s Boy, fans met with a new couple, Roberto and Kristi, who are married and have two kids together. Speaking about her daughters, Kristi said,

“Everybody tells us it’s a little Robert and Kristi.”

Roberto’s mother agreed that she did not like her son’s wife and asked her son to get a patertinity test for her daughter Kimberbly. She felt that she did not look like him and wanted a DNA test to confirm that she was his daughter.

Roberto was shocked by his mother’s statement and said,

“This is the lowest.. the lowest I have ever seen take at her.”

He had a big match right after the meeting and did not know what to do. The conversation took place in front of his brother, who asked him to simply get the test done to get it out of the system.

I Love a Mama’s Boy fans slammed Nancy for stooping so low as to ask for a paternity test for her grandchildren. They also pinpointed the fact that Roberto and his brother did not look like each other either.

What happened on I Love a Mama’s Boy tonight?

Tre and Abbey

Tre and Abbey met in high school and have been in a relationship ever since. The couple has one son together. They live together in a home while Tre’s mother Lorenda lives in the backyard of their house. Tre revealed that his mother was a single mother at the time and the two enjoyed making Tik-Tok videos together.

Abbey revealed that Lorenda wakes up every morning at 5 am to make pancakes for her son. Lorenda felt that Abbey was not good enough for her son and said:

“Its just something missing”

Abbey said that if Tre’s close relationship with his mother does not end, she will have to move ahead in her life.

Emily and Shekeb

Emily and Shekeb revealed that they were living together. Shekeb’s mother, Laila, tried to set Shekeb up on a date with a friend’s daughter and said that Emily took him away from her. Shekeb complained about living with Emily and her two dogs. Laila agreed to visit his new place on the condition that Emily would not be present in the apartment at the time.

The episode description reads:

“Tre makes videos with his mom while his girlfriend, Abbey, sits on the sidelines. Nancy asks her son to do the unthinkable. Matt wonders if Kelly is ready to meet his new girl. Laila is devastated that Shekeb moved out–and in with someone else.”

I Love a Mama’s Boy airs every Sunday on TLC at 10.00 pm ET.

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