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“I wanted to see the celebrities”: Soloist Paul Kim dishes on singing for Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin at their wedding

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Dear My Love singer Paul Kim dished about what it was like to sing for Crash Landing On You couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin at their wedding.

In a recent episode of JTBC’s Magic 2022 and on the latest segment of MBC radio’s 2PM Date, he revealed that he generally turns down invitations to sing at weddings. However, he said that made an exception for Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin.

He revealed that even though he had never previously connected with either the groom or the bride, he couldn’t miss out on the opportunity as a fan of the actors. He said,

“But [Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin] reached out to me, inviting me to sing at their wedding and… I didn’t think twice. I absolutely wanted to go. I agreed to do it without hesitation because, honestly, I wanted to see the celebrities.”

Paul Kim revealed he sang OST Every Day, Every Moment at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s wedding

In March 2022, Crash Landing On You co-stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin got married in a beautiful private ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Though the wedding ceremony was a private affair, fans got a glimpse of the wedding celebrations through pictures and videos shared on Instagram.

Paul Kim performed his hit soundtrack Every Day, Every Moment, from the 2018 drama Should We Kiss First congratulating the newlyweds during the reception portion of the ceremony.

He shared that he usually avoids singing at weddings unless he is close to the couple because he gets nervous easily. However, when he was approached by Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin themselves, he agreed to sing for them in a heartbeat. He states,

“It makes me extremely nervous to sing at weddings. So I usually turn down invitations to sing at weddings. I only do it if I’m really close to the couple getting married. The song has to come from the bottom of my heart anyway, like I would not want to mess it up for anyone”

Though the couple and the audience made him nervous, Paul Kim shared that he couldn’t have been more thrilled to sing at BinJin’s wedding ceremony. He noted that he said yes to the invitation, not just because he wanted to sing but also because he wanted to see the couple get married. The singer added that he was honored to be there.

“But I was so nervous. The super-famous actors and directors sitting in the front row made it even more nerve-racking for me. I couldn’t really wrap my mind around the fact that I was there to sing. The whole thing felt surreal, I felt like I was watching a movie.”

Son Ye-jin’s agency firmly denies pregnancy rumours

On May 29, the Thirty-Nine actress posted two photos of herself in a flowy white dress on Instagram.

Shortly after that, a section of fans and media began speculating online that the actress could be seen sporting a baby bump in the photos. This led to people congratulating her in the comments. However, soon after that, Son Ye-jin’s agency MSTeam Entertainment firmly shut down the rumours, stating:

“[The pregnancy rumors] are absolutely not true. If there is good news, we will be the first to officially inform you.”

Son Ye-jin last starred in JTBC’s Thirty Nine alongside Jeon Mi-do of Hospital Playlist fame and Kim Ji-hyun.

The series is about the lives of women who are 39-years-old, who would soon turn 40 and shows how they deal with the various trials and tribulations of life.

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