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Is Chloe Lewis Still With Danny Flasher? Details On Her Boyfriend 2022

In this article, we will read about “Is Chloe Lewis Still With Danny Flasher? Details On Her Boyfriend 2022

The renowned reality star, Chloe Lewis, is still in a relationship with Danny Flasher. Although the rumors about their breakup can be seen on the internet, the couple has not officially revealed their separation.

Chloe came into the limelight after her role in The Only Way Is Essex, and Daniel is a successful entrepreneur. The pair started their attachment in 2016 and seemed happy with each other until recently.

Is Chloe Lewis Still With Danny Flasher?

Scrolling through Chloe’s social media account, it is found that she is happily in a relationship with her partner, Daniel Flasher.

Previously, she was in an affair with Jake Hall for almost six years. Despite being together for six years, Jake was found cheating with Chloe. Then their bonding came to an end.

As we all know, everything happens for a good reason. After eight months of splitting with Jake, Chloe found an understanding partner in Danny.

Her life has changed significantly with his presence. His love and care have turned her into a stronger woman.

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Chloe Lewis Boyfriend In 2022 And Breakup Rumors

After eight months of separation from Jake, Chloe committed to Danny Flasher in 2016. 

Despite being from different professions, the pair show intimacy and endearment towards each other. Hence, it can be assumed that the gossip about their separation is not true.

Additionally, Chloe shared several photos with her partner on her social media which one can see how sensitive their bonding is.

The lovebirds are currently residing in Dubai with their child, Beau. She is cherishing her motherhood and feels fortunate to step out of anxiety and live a blissful life.

Did Chloe Lewis And Danny Flasher Split? When And Why?

The official information about Chloe Lewis and Danny Flasher has not been released yet. However, the gossip looks like only a wrong assumption.

Moving on from six years of a relationship with Jake was not painless for Chloe. She felt like her life would take a wrong turn after this miserable separation. She suffered from anxiety and loneliness and also took a break from her career.

The charming Daniel has become the light in the darkest night for Chloe. Even though Chloe has not published many details about him, it looks like she adores him very much.

Moreover, the well-known model Chloe is enjoying motherhood with her son. According to her, Beau is the biggest blessing for them and she cannot express her excitement that the cute little munchkin has arrived. 

Chloe Lewis enjoying her motherhood with baby Beau
Chloe Lewis enjoying her motherhood with baby Beau (source :

She added that life is much more peaceful than before. My life during my time on TOWIE was scary. Because of the intense drama, I began to cry at the end of every episode. She did not want to recall these terrifying memories as she appreciated what she had now.

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