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Is Jeopardy! RIGGED? Megan Wachspress’ 6th game win in rare ‘lucky’ move has fans crying foul

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On Tuesday, June 21, Megan Wachspress, the reigning Jeopardy! winner, won her sixth game.

The game that Mayim Bialik is hosting might be manipulated, according to viewers and audiences who have called this an absurdly rare approach. Following her sixth victory, Berkeley, California, attorney Wachspress has amassed a total of $60,000.

Since the original presenter, Ken Jennings, indicated he would be “away for months,” Bialik, 46, has taken over as host of this prime-time program. By the end of season 38, which concludes the following month in 2022, the permanent host will be chosen.

Fans were shocked by the Final Jeopardy! as they had been wondering a lot about the low score. Fans think the show might be rigged for two reasons, one of which is due to this. The first category of questions was titled “Geography,” and Rob, a novice player, was plotting his course to success. After performing admirably in Double Jeopardy and winning over many internet users as a teaching physician who fit the requirements, the player in the center of the podium had $16.5K against returning champion Wachspress’ $8.4K.

Only Wachspress knew the solution, which was “Archapelego.” She gambled $201 and won $8601, whereas Rob, the competitor, wagered $7901 and lost by a meager $2.

This user provided a rationale, writing, “It’s not just luck that Megan Wachspress isn’t winning large on #Jeopardy during her TOC-qualifying run. She genuinely understands how to bet in the big game by planning a low risk for herself and accurately anticipating what her competitors will bet. Poker skills like that.”

One more joked, “Megan Wachspress was cursed many years ago to work as a slave on this Jeopardy set. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to fail.”
This fan exclaimed, “I can’t believe Wachspress won by just $2.” “Given how improbably impossible it has been, Megan Wachspress’ streak on Jeopardy may be even more bizarre than @KenJennings’ run. By $2, she has won three Jeopardy contests! Two had no sense. Three just seems insane.”

Happy Jeopardy winner ever?

Throughout her time on the venerable game show, Megan Wachspress has been fortunate. This was demonstrated on Friday, June 17, when Wachspress was declared the winner despite Sadie Goldberger first appearing to be the game’s winner after a contentious call by the judges declared her right Final Jeopardy! response illegible.

On Monday, June 20, Wachspress’ luck continued as she competed in the Final Jeopardy! against competitor Tory Leviton, who had a slim advantage over the current champion. Despite the fact that both participants gave erroneous answers, Wachspress yet won the program after Leviton bet more of his riches, leaving the lawyer shaking her head in disbelief at the incredible success.

On Monday night, she took to Twitter to express her embarrassment at getting the Final Jeopardy! question wrong despite the fact that it related to a time period she had researched for her dissertation.

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