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Is Lola Tung Korean? Meet The ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Actress

In this article, we will read about “Is Lola Tung Korean? Meet The ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Actress

Fans of Lola Tung have been wondering about her country of origin. Some people think that her family is from Korea because she looks Asian.

Lola Tung’s Ethnicity: Is She Korean?

Tung is getting more fans since Amazon Prime put out The Summer I Turned Pretty, a romance drama with nine episodes. The first episode of the love triangle between a girl and two brothers aired on June 17, 2022.

The IMDb platform gave the show a 7.7 rating. The first chapter of the series also got an 8.5 out of 10 rating. So, more and more people are talking about it on the Internet.

Know The Family Origin Of Lola Tung And Her Nationality

Fans of Lola Tung want to know what race she is because she looks Asian. Some people think she may be Korean, but the rising star hasn’t told the media much about herself.

Burning Question, a 2021 TV show in which she was a main character, made her a well-known actress. As a new actress, she already has more than 502k followers on social media, and her new show just started airing, which is bringing her more attention around the world.

In The Summer I Turned Pretty, she played a role that people love. The first episode of the Amazon Prime TV show came out on June 17, 2022. Also, it’s getting great reviews and has a 7.7 out of 10 rating on IMDb.

Lola has always kept quiet about her family and other personal things, like where she came from and more. The young actress has become famous, and her fans can’t wait to meet her family and find out where she is from.

Since she is not on Wiki, people on the Internet are trying to find out as much as they can about her. She might be waiting for the right time to tell her fans about her family, though. Still, she has posted photos with her mother from her own Instagram account as well.

Lola’s mother, Pia Tung, gave birth to her on October 28, 2002. On International Women’s Day, she shared some pictures of her mother on social media, which is different from what most of her family did.

Also, the 19-year-old has tagged her mother on social media, but her mom’s Instagram handle is private, while hers is public. But compared to the actress, her mother seems to be more active on the handle because she has over 293 posts.

Also, the mother and daughter might talk to each other and might even live together, but based on the picture she posted, they don’t seem to have any recent pictures together.

There isn’t much information about Pia’s career on the Internet, and she hasn’t talked about herself much since her daughter became famous. But we think she’s probably very proud of what she’s done. Also, Lola’s appearance may have come from her mother, since Sr. Tung looks Asian, too.

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