Is Melody Thomas Scott aka Nikki Newman Leaving Young and Restless?

Despite reports that Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki Newman was departing Young and the Restless for good, the actress has confirmed to EW that she has renewed her contract with the CBS drama.

She was compelled to take a wage reduction, as she had been in prior years. She recently signed a three-year agreement to reprise her famous role as Victor’s on-again, off-again wife. 

Why Is Nikki Newman In Jail?

Nikki was the murderer in the series. Victor took the fall for her and was sentenced to prison.

Nikki was initially imprisoned for using a fire poker to murder J.T. Hellstrom. The housewife could keep the heinous crime hidden for nearly a year.

The incident occurred during season 45, and it wasn’t until a season 46 episode that Nikki summoned the courage to come clean and openly confess to committing the unthinkable crime. Soon after, she was sent to jail.