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Jacques Bouthier (Business Tycoon) accused of sexual harassment

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Four Moroccan women have accused a French tycoon of sexual harassment, and information about the case is awash on the internet.

Four Moroccan women have accused Jacques Bouthier, a French insurance billionaire, of sexual harassment. Between the ages of 26 and 28, they had worked for his enterprise in Tangier.
The women claimed they were sacked after refusing to submit to harassment and intimidation, according to AFP. The 75-year-old is being probed in France for raping a child as well as human trafficking.
He claims to be the victim of blackmail, according to reports. Last month, Mr. Bouthier, widely considered as one of France’s wealthiest men, stepped down as CEO of insurance brokers Vilavi, formerly known as Assu 2000.
On Friday, the Moroccan Association for Victims’ Rights (AMDV) held a news conference to discuss the allegations that occurred in Tangier between 2018 and April 2022.

Jacques Bouthier, a French business magnate, is accused of sexual assault

The allegations against Jacques Bouthiera, a 75-year-old French businessman, include forced orgies, sexual servitude, and rape of children aged 14 to 16.
Bouthier was seized by Paris police on May 21 of last year when a 22-year-old female presented herself.
Furthermore, the girl said she was a “prisoner” of a very wealthy man who had raped her on a regular basis for the previous five years.
Because she was “too old for him,” the Tycoon informed the young woman she needed to find another victim.

In addition, a 14-year-old took her place at Bouthier’s residence in the capital, where he separated the young females and paid them visits on a regular basis.
He didn’t let them out until they were “old,” which took a long time. By providing accommodation and board in exchange for sexual interactions, the affluent drew minors into financial troubles and unstable familial situations.
The young woman who filed the complaint was able to produce one video, which she later handed over to the cops.

Net worth of tycoon Jacques Bouthier

According to naijaonpoint.com, Jacques Bouthiera’s anticipated net worth in 2022 is over $1 billion.
Bouthier launched Asus 2000, a 1974-formed insurance firm that was renamed Vilavi in January of this year.
It is a well-known firm in France, with 1,800 employees, a turnover of 163 million euros, and 550,000 customers.
Bouthier al 487, with a patrimony worth an estimated 160 million euros, will be the home of France’s wealthiest people in 2020.
Tycoon resigned as President on Tuesday, May 24: “The Vilavi Group takes note of Jacques Bouthier’s announcement that he is stepping down as President.
Jacques also resigned from all of his responsibilities and actions inside the company.” In a statement to the French press, the business claimed. Communications Directorate General

Compensation Given In The Jacques Bouthier Assault Case

Jacques Bouthier’s assault complaint is currently being examined. The right amount of compensation has yet to be established because the case’s proper evaluation and conclusion have yet to be finished.
Following a preliminary investigation that began in mid-March, Bouthier, 75, was charged with “human trafficking” and “rape of a child” in May in Paris, along with five other people.
In May, the now-senior entrepreneur was arrested and accused with “conspiracy to conduct abduction,” “kidnapping in an organised gang,” and “possession of child pornography pictures.”

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