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 Jamil Killed By Whom? Explanation of the “You Don’t Know Me” 

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 Jamil Killed By Whom? Explanation of the “You Don’t Know Me” 

You Don’t Know Me is a courtroom thriller drama series that is co-produced by the BBC and Netflix. It chronicles the story of an unnamed protagonist, who is referred to as the Defendant in the Netflix captions and the Hero in the credits. It has been alleged that he was responsible for the death of a drug dealer named Jamil Issa (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). The defendant is becoming aware that he will be found guilty as the conclusion of his trial draws near. After exhausting all other options, he dismissed his attorney and decided to deliver the verdict address alone. A mountain of circumstantial evidence has been accumulated by the prosecution against him, and they are getting very close to obtaining a guilty verdict. Therefore, the defendant does what he believes to be the only thing he is capable of doing, which is to tell the jury the truth, or more specifically, what he claims to be the truth. The following provides detailed information regarding the conclusion of the show ‘You Don’t Know Me.’

The plot of the first season of You Don’t Know Me is summarized below

During her closing statement, the prosecutor, Barrister Mahmood (probably named after Imran Mahmood, the author of the 2017 eponymous book on which the series is based), reviews all of the evidence that the prosecution has presented to the jury once more. Blood belonging to Jamil was discovered under the defendant’s fingernails during the investigation. The murder weapon, a Baikal handgun, was found in his residence after the murder was committed. Around the time of the murder, he was observed on the surveillance footage that was taken close to the location where the murder took place. The cell-site records additionally locate the defendant’s mobile phone at the scene of the homicide at the very moment it occurred. A strand of hair that matched the Defendant’s was discovered in Jamil’s vehicle. The prosecution has shown that the defendant personally knew Jamil and claims that the defendant told the other man that he was a waste, implying that the defendant was threatening the person who would be the victim of the crime. The prosecution has also demonstrated that the defendant knew Jamil personally.

The defendant has made the decision to withhold any testimony until after the closing argument. But now that he is going to deliver the concluding speech himself, he is going to have to lay everything on the table. The defendant starts by claiming that he is completely innocent of the charges. And then he begins telling the jury about his relationship with a lady named Kyra (played by Sophie Wilde), saying that the relationship and Jamil’s murder are tied in some way.

During their initial encounter, the Defendant, a car salesman, and Kyra are riding on the bus together. She is reserved and spends the most of her time with her head in a book, which contributes to her distant demeanor. He extends an invitation to her for dinner and gets a buddy who is an Italian chef to teach him how to make spaghetti carbonara, a dish that appears in one of her books. Soon after, she will move into his apartment, despite the fact that she will continue to pay rent for her previous location. Kyra wins over the heart of the Defendant’s mother almost as soon as she meets her, and the Defendant’s sister, Bless (Bukky Bakray), quickly becomes her closest friend.

The Defendant, on the other hand, returns home one day to discover that Kyra has disappeared. He makes an effort to look for her by posting wanted posters on random walls and trees and urging people to get in touch with him as soon as possible if they come across her. When he goes to the police, he has the sudden realization that he has absolutely no idea who she is. This is a discovery that he makes for the very first time. At some point, she is spotted in Camden, which is located in North London, and someone calls him about it. The Defendant does not waste any time and drives there right away, where he learns that Kyra is now employed as a sex worker.

Bless is successful in persuading the Defendant to go and save Kyra, despite the fact that the Defendant briefly entertains the idea of simply walking away. He gets a gun from Jamil, which is the same gun that will be used to kill the drug dealer later on. One evening, after gathering up enough bravery, he returned to Camden, shot the pimp who was exploiting Kyra, and freed her.

Glockz was the moniker of the gang who abandoned Kyra on the street. Her brother, who was a member of the gang in the past and goes by the name Spooks, was captured and turned into an informant after being taken into custody. Kyra was coerced into working as a prostitute by Glockz as a form of retribution for his actions.

In the last episode of the season, as the Defendant’s closing speech is drawing to a close, he reveals some shocking information concerning the identity of Jamil’s murderer. The conclusion that this series provides for its viewers is not entirely clear. Even if by that point we are aware of all that took place with Jamil, we do not have any information regarding the verdict reached by the jury.

The conclusion of the first season of You Don’t Know Me: Who Killed Jamil?

Because the defendant shot the pimp, who somehow made it through the ordeal alive, there was gunshot residue on his hand. It was not intended to indicate that he was intending to kill Jamil when he referred to him as a “wasteman.” It was his method of conveying to Jamil that he was a worthless individual. Because Jamil and his subordinates had the defendant in their custody and were driving him to meet their supplier, Face, the police were able to find the defendant’s hair inside Jamil’s vehicle.

Episode 3 depicts that conversation in its entirety. Jamil has been selling drugs in Camden. Jamil’s ability to run his company is put in jeopardy when the Glockz come hunting for Kyra because they recognize Jamil. Face explains the matter to the Defendant and tells him that he is the one who is responsible for compensating for the loss. At this point, Jamil is unable to pay Face the money that he owes to Face.

Help comes in the form of the Defendant’s boyhood buddy, Curt (Tuwaine Barrett), who appears to be on the scene. Even though he is a member of the Glockz at this point, he wishes more than anything to leave. Curt devises a scheme to steal 20,000 British pounds from Jamil and puts it into action. He will act as though he is a dealer in cocaine, and the defendant will be the one to bring people together. Jamil will attempt to purchase the cocaine so that he can increase the price at which he sells it in order to satisfy his urgent need for money to pay off his debts. However, when he has been robbed, he will be preoccupied with fearing what Face will do to him and will not have the time or energy to go after the Defendant. A brief but violent conflict develops between the participants after Jamil appears with a gun in his possession. The story comes to a close with Kyra shooting Jamil.

Despite this, Jamil is confirmed to have survived by the defendant at the appropriate moment for his family. The Defendant is currently making the claim that he was ultimately framed by Kyra, who refused to live in fear for the rest of her life. This claim is being made in the present day. She then placed the weapon, which she had used to shoot Jamil, with the defendant’s passport and some of the money that they had stolen from Jamil. He tells the jury that they had plans to meet at their flat, but she disappeared again before the meeting could take place. After afterwards, it would appear that Kyra informed the authorities about what had transpired.

In point of fact, Bless is the one who murdered Jamil. After she had gone to the hospital to check on the drug dealer, the person who dealt drugs abducted her. The defendant’s automobile was captured on camera as he drove toward Jamil and Face to meet them. When Jamil was ready to execute the Defendant, Bless pulled out his gun and killed him. Curt gave the impression that he was going to kill Face by beating him up and then shooting himself, but he managed to survive. The Defendant made the decision to take the blame on himself in order to protect Bless after taking Curt to the hospital. He then advised Kyra to flee the scene. She grudgingly left, but before she did so, she demanded a promise from him that he would place the blame on her if he was about to be found guilty of something. The defendant then staged the entirety of his flat to give the impression that he was responsible for the crime. The Defendant, Kyra, Bless, and Curt are the only people who are aware of the truth; the Defendant’s barrister is the only other person who is aware of what occurred because he told her.

What is the Court’s Decision?

Before the judge announces the result, the defendant thinks about what would happen to him regardless of whether or not he is found guilty. Jamil’s family will be relieved and relieved if they hear that he has been found guilty. If the judge or jury decides that he is not responsible for the crime, he will be free to go back to his family. It would indicate that Curt is attempting to evade capture as well. He will eventually locate both himself and Kyra, and he will live happily ever after. The conclusion of the show comes before the actual verdict is revealed by the jury. The court emphasized to the jury on many occasions that the defendant’s statements during his closing argument should not be considered evidence, despite the fact that the defendant was quite persuasive while he was speaking. In addition, as pointed out by Barrister Mahmood, the Defendant did not present a single piece of evidence to substantiate the claims that he was making. All of this points to the fact that he should be found guilty of the crime.

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