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Jenna Ellis (Trump’s Lawyer) giving evidence on Hearing Issued

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Jenna Ellis, a native of Longmont who worked as a legal counsellor for former President Donald Trump, is the target of a disbarment effort in the state of Colorado for her part in attempting to upset the results of the 2020 official political race. This is due to the fact that she participated in attempting to disrupt the results of the race.

An objection was filed against Ellis on Thursday with the Workplace of Lawyer Regulation Counsel of the Colorado Supreme Court. The objection mentioned an investigation into whether or not she breached her ethical commitments as a lawyer. States United Democracy Middle is a nonpartisan watchdog group.
In recent times, Jenna served as in-charge of Donald Trump’s reputable group in her capacity as a legal consultant. She had a previous position as a colleague and trainer of legal research at Colorado Christian University. Prior to that, she had a previous position as a delegate and lead prosecutor in Weld County, Colorado.

Is Ms. Jenna Ellis Going to Testify? In her new role as a senior lawful specialist for Pennsylvania Republican Doug Mastriano’s lead consultant mission, Jenna Ellis has joined the team. She was one of the most prominent legal professionals connected to the Trump group’s efforts to change the results of the 2020 presidential race.
Mastriano’s mission did not provide answers to questions concerning Ellis’ involvement, and Ellis declined to comment any further on the matter.

Ellis’ affiliation came on the same day that a legislative board of trustees investigating the attack on January 6 heard public declaration focusing in on Giuliani and others’ phoney political campaign extortion fees. The hearing took place on January 6.

Reuters reported that former Attorney General William Barr and other senior Trump officials who prevented the cases from being extortionate were present as observers at the meeting that took place on Monday (the thirteenth of June). Ellis has been asked to attend a meeting by the board of trustees, despite the fact that it is uncertain whether or not she will confirm her attendance at subsequent sessions.

Who Is David Rives, the Ex-Husband That Is Being Discussed Here? David Rives was Jenna Ellis’ better half in their relationship. Rives is a highly educated American author, specialist, and moderator who is responsible for starting Moon River Publishing. He is also the founder of the company. The engagement took place in April 2019, after the couple had been seeing each other for quite some time, and the wedding took place two months after the engagement. In 2020, the couple’s relationship unfortunately comes to an end.

A supporter of President Trump, David Rives, is the host of the weekly programme “Creation in the Twenty-First Century” that is broadcast on the Trinity Broadcasting Community (TBN). Additionally, Rives is a creator, narrative producer, Christian radio character, and speaker. It is reported that he is currently in his forties.

It was he who laid the groundwork for David Rives Ministries. According to the information provided on his website, he has devoted his entire life to investigating, revealing, and… all the while proclaiming the greatness of God through the use of logical questions.

His persuasive and compelling presentation makes learning about the history of the Bible and the science behind it easy to understand and engaging for listeners of any age. His television programme, “Creation in the Twenty-First Century,” is broadcast on TBN each week, and it is seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

What is Jenna Ellis’s current estimated net worth? She has been practising law for a significant amount of time, thus she brings in money. She began her long-term career as a respected consultant and has worked her way up through the ranks step by step to become one of the most exceptional legal professionals and audio system.

The majority of her earnings stem from the fact that she works as a counsellor and lawyer. It’s possible that the total value of her property is somewhere around $1.5 million.
Ellis became well-known while working for Trump’s campaign and currently contributes to the website Newsmax, which is associated with the extreme right.

After the election for the office of the president in 2020, her popularity skyrocketed as a result of the fact that she vehemently and consistently supported Trump’s remarks that cast significant doubt on the outcomes of the election and accused Democrats of criminal activity without providing evidence.

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